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Anthropocentrism is philosophical point of view which states that considers Human beings the most valuable and important entity present in this earth or this universe.

“Anthro” – Human + “Centrism” – Centralized = Human centralized

It is one questionable point of view,
That says humans are supreme out of the blue.

Human kind is the highest purpose of existence,
People say this without any reminiscence.

Is it a myth?
That we are living with.

This makes me think hard,
Were we using Nature as our guard?

Ambivalence strikes here,
Can humans be supreme without nature here?

By god's grace humans have intelligence,
But they should use some common sense. 

It is one of the basics of perception,
Responsible for discontinuity between nature and humans.

Question here arises,
Why can't numan and non-human live without compromises?

This narcissism will lead to destruction,
So build a bond with compassion.

Between nature and you,
Try and understand what animals went through.

We are children of our mother earth,
Change yourself positively who has worth.

Being proud of our abilities is good but thinking you are supreme power on this earth, Is mere foolishness. Whenever humans cause disturbance in nature. Nature every time make him believe that he is supreme. If you disturb flora and fauna thinking “HUMANS ARE SUPREME”. Then be ready for the revenge the nature takes.

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Patting is a gentle touch with hand. It is a kind of touch which sends a positive vibe to the one whose the patting is done. It develops feeling of trust and care between both individuals.

A way that connected my heart with my head,
It was like someone weaving a thread. 

Just by patting on my head,
To make me understand what you said. 

I still remember it from that time,
Your words seemed to be a perfect rhyme. 

I looked up to you,
And what you said was true. 

That I am still a child by heart,
And should try my best from the very start. 

The day your hand find me,
It was something only you could see. 

It was like unspoken language,
That only heart could manage. 

I wish you will stroke my hair,
To shower me with your tender care.

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It is a genuine phenomenon

Smile and world will smile with you.

People who make us smile
When the life becomes hostile. 

Are they close to our heart?
Oh god! There is no doubt. 

They are close,
It's what your heart knows. 

They make us smile,
Which will suit us for a while. 

They very well know,
They are always with us whatever life throw. 

They reduce the distance between hearts,
Doesn't matter if they are miles apart. 

They make our life worth living,
We should thank them just like Thanksgiving.

It feels great to have those kind of people who make us smile and laugh. Even there names are enough to bring a wide smile on our face, then imagine that about how much we can be happy after being with them.

One should treasure these kind of people who always stand by us no matter what happens and never fails to make us smile in hard times.

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A picture says 1000 words

You must have heard this line. No doubt it’s correct. But I believe that a single word can also express thousand feelings. Have ever observed that single word can stir thousands of feelings and make our heart and mind to work unusually.

Words are friends and foe
They have power to build and destroy
They sure reach to heart
We can feel anger and fear in it
They can cut deeper than sword leaving wound
So think before you speak a word
Because you may regret later when found.

Let’s just start a small discussion like which word remind you which thing? POEM

Word poem reminds me my Blogger friends who always support me. What about you ??

Share a word and what does it remind you?

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Avenoir – The desire that memory could flow backward. It is a human nature to crave for the thing that they already lost, when they had a chance they didn’t took care.

I may be a little weird
Waiting calmly for everything to fall apart
A little desire for memories
That they flowback to the place they started
And bring all the happiness to life.

Today I tried new style of verse writing.

TANKA :-  It is a genre of classical Japanese poetry and one of the major genres of Japanese literature. Tanka consist of five units [5-7-5-7-7 syllables]

Hope you will like it.

And will cherish the time you spend with your loved ones before they become a memory.

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5th of September. In India it is celebrated as TEACHER’S DAY

You are the light that paves the way,
And don't let us sway.

You painted my mind,
And gave me knowledge that is undefined.

You made learning interesting,
I am proud of myself for trusting.

You are the best preacher,
That is your best feature.

You are my teacher, 
Who helped me build my future.

There are no words that can tell,
For the work you do so well.

Thank you teacher, You are an inspiration,
For giving lessons and motivation.

International teacher’s day is celebrated on 5th October.

Ты свет, который прокладывает путь,
И не позволяй нам колебаться.

Ты нарисовал мой разум,
И дал мне неопределенное знание.

Вы сделали обучение интересным,
я горжусь собой за то, что доверяю.

Ты лучший проповедник,
это твоя лучшая черта.

Ты мой учитель,
который помог мне построить мое будущее.

Нет слов, которые могли бы сказать,
За работу ты так хорошо справляешься.

Спасибо, учитель, Ты вдохновляешь,
За уроки и мотивацию.

I have translated it in Russian as well. { Hope it doesn’t have a mistake}

Happy Teacher’s Day to all the teachers.

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TEACHER’S DAY { शिक्षक दिवस }

5th of September – In India it is celebrated as TEACHER’S DAY

In India there is quotation famous:-

गुरू गोविन्द दोऊ खड़े, काके लागूं पांय।
बलिहारी गुरू आपने गोविन्द दियो बताय।।

अर्थात् गुरु और गोविंद {भगवान} दोनों खड़े हों तो हमें किसको प्रणाम करना चाहिए, गुरु को अथवा गोविंद को ,ऐसी स्थिति में गुरु के चरणों में प्रणाम करना चाहिए, क्योंकि गुरु ने ही हमें गोविंद को पाने का रास्ता दिखाया है।

It means – If your teacher and god itself standing in front of you, Whom will you bow first??

In this situation one should bow down and respect to his teacher because he was the one who paved the way to encounter god.

International teacher’s day is celebrated on 5th October.

Happy Teacher’s Day to all the teachers.

When I used to be in school, It was one of the most special days I eagerly waited for in schooldays, Because we don’t have to study on this day. We prepared gifts and surprises for our beloved teachers on this day.

Share your interesting incident of Teacher’s day you came across during your school time.

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Thanks a million to my readers who always read my posts. I can’t even explain how glad I am to reach this point.

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I want to express my gratitude. From past few days I was unable to post something.

But you all are there for keep me going.

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I couldn’t have reached here without you.