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To my Human diary

Dear Diary,

Best friends are like fairy tales they are since once upon a time and will be there until forever after. No one is as real as you whenever I need the most. They are like human diaries for us to enter each and every activity we do in a day.

I don’t need a gang, a squad, or a group. Just one best friend that is you is enough for a lifetime. Only we know our story, our heartbreaks, our fears, our tears, our dreams, our bond, and our love. I remember that you were always there for me, even when everyone left. I am glad that you are there for me to listen my rants. No doubt we met as strangers. Now you are someone who always remind me my worth, who always holds my hand in dark times, as my support system and my pillar.

I never thought you will be important part of my life as a diary whom I would tell almost every story of the day. You are someone whom I can be comfortably me πŸ˜‰

You are one of those few people who make my life comfortable by just being in it. It is the best thing how I get comfortable around you when I am not that good with interacting people. I know it’s getting long and cringy but I would say that’s how you are 🀣 I am blessed to call you my friend a human diary… πŸ““πŸ““

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A person with whom you can share our deepest thoughts, feelings and dreams:- soul friend 

Met as stranger now attached
Will you stay by my side
If I let go of your hand
In dark night it's you who shines
Like sunshine wrapped in the softest storm
Stay with me until the stars leave.

Life was ok without you but it’s best with you.

I Never needed words to express myself whenever I was with you I am happy to have you as my soul friend.

Soul Friend can be anyone πŸ˜…
It’s not necessary that soul friend is your partner..

One can find soul friend in anyone.
A sweet tanka ( for my soul friends.

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I couldn't forget the night when you made me cry,
I couldn't even breathe.

You reminded me of autumn,
Made me feel that I was a fallen leaf.

I don't know why I am stressing over one,
Who doesn't even ask me how I am?

I will shoot for the sky with my sorrows,
Whenever I get reminded of you.

If I could ever pretend,
Maybe I could get over you.

And start turning into a beautiful mess,
In false clarity of the World.