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Good bye always sucks,
But every hello inevitably leads to good bye.

Worst feeling is to bid farewell to those people who gave us so many memories to treasure.

Ambivalence filled in my heart,
Making my heart drop dead.

Something’s on the way,
That will help me to sway.

Guys goodbyes are not forever,
It can be better than ever.

Goodbyes are not the end,
In this it’s on us how it depends.

Whether they will leave scars to ache,
Or will give us a new chance for our mistakes.

I truly hate goodbyes,
Giving me positive hopes, and lies.

I hope every goodbye brings happiness,
Engraved in beautiful memories.

Good byes are only for those who love with eyes.. Because those who love with their heart and soul will never have separation in them and will never come across goodbye..

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I wish you….

I wish you luck and happiness. I wish that I had a magic wand so that I could fulfill all your wishes. Though I know everyone's life is full of struggle, it's just that we have to try hard every time we come across something terrible. Remember I would wish that I would be the first one you could think of when you encounter any trouble. I would always be one of those who will be sending best wishes to you from afar, but will always be close to your heart whenever you will need it. Hope you will have a great life ahead.  All the best to you for reaching your goal and making your dreams come true. You will always be in my good thoughts and I will always pray for your health and fortune.

First of all guys Thanks for supporting me when I was being inactive on my blog.

I shifted to a new place which took time for adjustment and after that my exams came so I got busy with them.. Then when exam got over Some issues happed due to which I was unable to be active on my blog. So sorry for being inactive..

This is a small letter for all those friends I wish them luck in this year on my comeback..