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My 11:11 Wish

A Wish is when we hope for something
And you are that wish
Which God fulfilled meticulously.
I am so happy miracle happened
And Guess what I collided with an angel from heaven.
You are bond worthy of stories,
An undeniable connection embedded in stars,
A friendship that heals the scars,
Unleash my unexpressed feelings.
And is a flower to comfort my soul
Came to make my heart bloom with life.
You'll always be my favorite almost,
And delightful wish to boast.

11:11 is believed to be a time when the universe is listening to you, it is manifested as a special time. Time at which miracle happens 😅

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Today is my day dear,
But I am the lucky one here.

My soul is impressed by innocence,
I just came here by coincidence.

You all became a star full of hope,
And gave my life a wonderful scope.

I am glad I got you,
Maybe this is out of the blue.

You know what it’s like,
There is not a single thing in you all that I dislike.

You all will always be my secret keeper,
Hope our relationship gets deeper.

I’ll wish you all nothing less,
But loads of happiness.

There is not a gift in the world
That is more valuable or precious than you.

I truly appreciate what we share,
Nothing compares.

A very happy birthday to my Site.

I thank all my readers a lot for entering my life like sunshine. I will forever be grateful for all your support throughout my good and bad times.

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It’s about your eyes

Screw poetry

It’s about your eyes

Can’t count how many mystery it holds

And how many story it solds?

I want to crawl in your arms

To feel the warmth

I can write thousands of poetries

For your starry eyes.

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I am scared….

I am scared of attachments, I am scared of my insecurities, I am scared of everything around, The darkness of night shows me eroded stares which are fading away as the sun comes up. Flowers are making me bleed.

I am struggling to pen down you in a poem.

I have to live because I can’t die…

I am just too tired of this, my mind is becoming mess, I just wanna lay on bed and never get up. Only moon knows about the sadness I have. It hurts every day, absence of someone who mattered the most. I fear how badly my precious soul can hurt. I am scared of being jealous and insecure because I know how easily people replace me. I am scared how bad and rude I can be. I am scared how can I hate a person who I valued too much.

I am scared about too often continuously lonely.