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Book Reviews + Aparna Sharma’s Tanka + Podcast/Audio Version

Have you experimented with writing styles?

Book Reviews + Aparna Sharma’s Tanka + Podcast/Audio Version

Thanks a lot for sharing my work 🤠

I am happy that you appreciate work of other writers and help them grow bit. Will be happy to work with you in future.

You are an amazing personality…

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The worst cry in bed,
With glistening tears streaming down soft pillow,
Something stabbing in the heart,
Mouth trying hard not to make noise,
Stopping to let the darkness enter in,
Begging to just hold and be strong.

It’s just that you have to deal everything yourself.

You are strong,

You will go through this.

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Scars that I don’t remember getting are still haunting me,
My soul asking me where to flee.

A mere stranger made me realise,
How to recognize?

Whether to trust,
Or to calm my wanderlust.

It took time,
To realise what’s mine.

Some day it will be dawn for me,
This is what reality I have to agree.

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My 11:11 Wish

A Wish is when we hope for something
And you are that wish
Which God fulfilled meticulously.
I am so happy miracle happened
And Guess what I collided with an angel from heaven.
You are bond worthy of stories,
An undeniable connection embedded in stars,
A friendship that heals the scars,
Unleash my unexpressed feelings.
And is a flower to comfort my soul
Came to make my heart bloom with life.
You'll always be my favorite almost,
And delightful wish to boast.

11:11 is believed to be a time when the universe is listening to you, it is manifested as a special time. Time at which miracle happens 😅

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Today is my day dear,
But I am the lucky one here.

My soul is impressed by innocence,
I just came here by coincidence.

You all became a star full of hope,
And gave my life a wonderful scope.

I am glad I got you,
Maybe this is out of the blue.

You know what it’s like,
There is not a single thing in you all that I dislike.

You all will always be my secret keeper,
Hope our relationship gets deeper.

I’ll wish you all nothing less,
But loads of happiness.

There is not a gift in the world
That is more valuable or precious than you.

I truly appreciate what we share,
Nothing compares.

A very happy birthday to my Site.

I thank all my readers a lot for entering my life like sunshine. I will forever be grateful for all your support throughout my good and bad times.

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It’s about your eyes

Screw poetry

It’s about your eyes

Can’t count how many mystery it holds

And how many story it solds?

I want to crawl in your arms

To feel the warmth

I can write thousands of poetries

For your starry eyes.

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I am scared….

I am scared of attachments, I am scared of my insecurities, I am scared of everything around, The darkness of night shows me eroded stares which are fading away as the sun comes up. Flowers are making me bleed.

I am struggling to pen down you in a poem.

I have to live because I can’t die…

I am just too tired of this, my mind is becoming mess, I just wanna lay on bed and never get up. Only moon knows about the sadness I have. It hurts every day, absence of someone who mattered the most. I fear how badly my precious soul can hurt. I am scared of being jealous and insecure because I know how easily people replace me. I am scared how bad and rude I can be. I am scared how can I hate a person who I valued too much.

I am scared about too often continuously lonely.

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And damn scariest thing happened
Every thing ended with snap of finger
Leaving sadness in my eyes
Crying with the overwhelming thoughts of us
Hoping that there might be space for us
Guess what I am recovering from human attachment.

Getting yourself out from human attachment is too hard.

I guess it takes time..

TANKA :-  It is a genre of classical Japanese poetry and one of the major genres of Japanese literature. Tanka consist of five units [5-7-5-7-7 syllables]

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You were the cutest person

Oh silly me

Every time I forgot

I haven’t confessed

Not to blame you

This confusion riddles me alot

Whether it is like you don’t care

Or I am the one who don’t dare

You are kind of peace,

That I always wished for.

People say feelings are visitors.

Then why my day starts with thought of you,

And night doesn’t passes until heart whisper about you.

You were kind of art,

That that was too hard.

Still I enjoy my unspoken love,

Every time my heart rips apart,

Every time it see you with someone.

Still it’s an untold love,

I can’t blame anyone.

Sometimes I love this feeling that is one sided,

But sometimes it is too harsh.

People say one sided love is pure love,

I always wanted to have.

Look my wish got fullfilled.

Every time I remember you.



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To my Human diary

Dear Diary,

Best friends are like fairy tales they are since once upon a time and will be there until forever after. No one is as real as you whenever I need the most. They are like human diaries for us to enter each and every activity we do in a day.

I don’t need a gang, a squad, or a group. Just one best friend that is you is enough for a lifetime. Only we know our story, our heartbreaks, our fears, our tears, our dreams, our bond, and our love. I remember that you were always there for me, even when everyone left. I am glad that you are there for me to listen my rants. No doubt we met as strangers. Now you are someone who always remind me my worth, who always holds my hand in dark times, as my support system and my pillar.

I never thought you will be important part of my life as a diary whom I would tell almost every story of the day. You are someone whom I can be comfortably me 😉

You are one of those few people who make my life comfortable by just being in it. It is the best thing how I get comfortable around you when I am not that good with interacting people. I know it’s getting long and cringy but I would say that’s how you are 🤣 I am blessed to call you my friend a human diary… 📓📓

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A person with whom you can share our deepest thoughts, feelings and dreams:- soul friend 

Met as stranger now attached
Will you stay by my side
If I let go of your hand
In dark night it's you who shines
Like sunshine wrapped in the softest storm
Stay with me until the stars leave.

Life was ok without you but it’s best with you.

I Never needed words to express myself whenever I was with you I am happy to have you as my soul friend.

Soul Friend can be anyone 😅
It’s not necessary that soul friend is your partner..

One can find soul friend in anyone.
A sweet tanka ( for my soul friends.

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I couldn't forget the night when you made me cry,
I couldn't even breathe.

You reminded me of autumn,
Made me feel that I was a fallen leaf.

I don't know why I am stressing over one,
Who doesn't even ask me how I am?

I will shoot for the sky with my sorrows,
Whenever I get reminded of you.

If I could ever pretend,
Maybe I could get over you.

And start turning into a beautiful mess,
In false clarity of the World.


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A part of me still loves you,
There are only few.

Who entered my little lifeless world,
Leaving it unfurled.

You were like last dream of previous night,
Making me fight.

With every shutting doors,
Of heart which want to be yours.

My heart is engaged in despair,
But we should have kept it fair.

I wished that we meet by chance,
And say hello with just a glance.

Feeling of self-pity are resurfacing,
Myself drenched in sadness and my heart racing.

Leaving me in never ending maze,
Reminding our old days.

Some feelings resurface when some incident happen and person is reminded about someone.

If feelings doesn’t return back that means they were never real…

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Everything has music,
If you have heart to hear,
Surrounding playing acoustics,
If you have guts to bear.

Listen to the chords and rhythms,
Of heart’s beat,
It’s just playing to keep something hidden,
And to avoid something to repeat.

It may bring healing,
Spilling magic of melody,
Or might bring trembling feeling,
Which needs therapy.

Music touches the soul,
It’s a way to free yourself,
By stuffing your hole,
Which was made thyself.

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Every time it observes you
My eyes have shimmering hue.

It is a souvenir of our togetherness,
It is a blissful happiness.

Perhaps there is nothing much left…

It is just that whenever I dream about you,
With a new point of view.

By just inhabiting in some moments of your life,
Even if our destiny deny.

I would love to be part of you,
And enjoy every moment that I spent with you.

I can’t explain
What’s brewing inside me.

Guess what you are the one
Who is missing from me.


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It's a state when,
You don't know how you feel
It's about something 
Whether happy or sad, 
Sane or insane thoughts.

It’s unable to contain ones emotion when in this situation, One is unable to get what to do or what not to do. Hope none of my reader faces this…

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Counting them as blessing itself increase the worth of the word.

She plays a different roles,

They are like lights,

That bright up our lives.

With hazel glow,

In deep edges of our delicate hearts,

They very well know how to water the garden of heart,

So that one can become exquisite flower.

When you are with them you feel like you are at home.

Whether as a mother, sister, daughter,

Or wife, or a teacher.

They plant roots of there warmth every where they do,

They are like forever supporting shadow.

They very well know how to hide scars,

And paint them with love and care.

And the softness that she possess,

They are wonders of nature who are well dressed.

She is angelic spirit,

That can make you delight in every moment.

She is the only one can play contrasting roles with passion,

I have deep respect for each and every women.

On the auspicious day 8th March is celebrated as INTERNATIONAL WOMEN DAY

I don’t think a single day dedicated to such a versatile character is enough. World’s best vocabulary can’t describe the amazing character that a women plays.

In INDIA in Sanskrit shloka is famous :-

यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवता:।

यत्रैतास्तु न पूज्यन्ते सर्वास्तत्राफला: क्रिया:।।

जहाँ पर नारियों कि पूजा अर्थात् सम्मान होता है वहाँ पर सभी देवता निवास करते हैं और जहाँ पर नारियों की पूजा अर्थात् सम्मान नहीं होता है वहाँ पर सभी कार्य निष्फल होते हैं अर्थात् कोई भी कार्य सफल नहीं होता है।

Place Where Women are honoured, divinity blossoms there, and where ever women are dishonoured, all action no matter how noble it may be, remains unfruitful.

This alone can describe the supremacy of women.

Happy Women’s Day

To all the women who are reading wish you loads of luck and love

with immense success in your beautiful life ahead.



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Have you ever cried alone?
Felt like everything drowning in cyclone.

Eyes and heart filled up to the brim,

I don’t think you would prim.

Worse cry is when can't show tears,
Due to some fears.

But the fun fact is that we cry in front of those,

Whom we are too close.

Because we know that they will adore it,
And make us lit.
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Good bye always sucks,
But every hello inevitably leads to good bye.

Worst feeling is to bid farewell to those people who gave us so many memories to treasure.

Ambivalence filled in my heart,
Making my heart drop dead.

Something’s on the way,
That will help me to sway.

Guys goodbyes are not forever,
It can be better than ever.

Goodbyes are not the end,
In this it’s on us how it depends.

Whether they will leave scars to ache,
Or will give us a new chance for our mistakes.

I truly hate goodbyes,
Giving me positive hopes, and lies.

I hope every goodbye brings happiness,
Engraved in beautiful memories.

Good byes are only for those who love with eyes.. Because those who love with their heart and soul will never have separation in them and will never come across goodbye..

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I wish you….

I wish you luck and happiness. I wish that I had a magic wand so that I could fulfill all your wishes. Though I know everyone's life is full of struggle, it's just that we have to try hard every time we come across something terrible. Remember I would wish that I would be the first one you could think of when you encounter any trouble. I would always be one of those who will be sending best wishes to you from afar, but will always be close to your heart whenever you will need it. Hope you will have a great life ahead.  All the best to you for reaching your goal and making your dreams come true. You will always be in my good thoughts and I will always pray for your health and fortune.

First of all guys Thanks for supporting me when I was being inactive on my blog.

I shifted to a new place which took time for adjustment and after that my exams came so I got busy with them.. Then when exam got over Some issues happed due to which I was unable to be active on my blog. So sorry for being inactive..

This is a small letter for all those friends I wish them luck in this year on my comeback..

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To the new uncertainities waiting for us,

another year to fill up with memories.

Becoming grateful for new beginnings,

Busy creating our own vibe.

Promising ourselves to never give up,

By leading the lights there way,

Shining glides in sway.

When the mind spins a wheel,

Being ourselves is a real deal.

Focussed on improving,

Not impressing.

Making ourselves proud,

When there is lots of croud.

By being a wild flower,

who is thriving hard in a barren land.

Straighting up like a soldier,

When life makes it harder.

Celebrating every moment,

To the very end.

I hope your new year brings lots of luck…….


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She was just a stranger, Now she is a flower,

That blossoms, In deep downs of my heart.

One of million stars,
She is one of those superstars.

That gives me smile,
Even if she is away miles.

She has got pair of hands,
Who work like wands.

Her words go straight to heart,
And do there best part.

She one of those souls,
Who touched my heart like no one did.

I would extend my heartfelt thanks for being an amazing soul and my wonderful friend. It’s for one of my friend Sonia Filarance.

Check out her website :-

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Thanks to those watchful eyes
Who always kept an eye on me
To make me better
Reminding me and letting me smile

Thanks to those who feel like home
I hope the time
We spent on being in gratitude
Become our hymn hope.

Let our hearts be full of both, thanks and giving.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thanks a million to all my readers I completed 100 posts today..

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You will sow, 
Whatever you reap.
You will have to bow,
To have a leap.

Take responsibility,
If you are wrong.
Don't feel humility,
You have to be strong.

Life is boomerang,
Everything will return.
Be careful where you bang,
Because you never know how will it turn.

Layers of karma,
Will always stick to you.
And will served by karma,
It doesn't matter what you do.

Time plays biggest role in giving back whatever our deeds are.

When a bird is alive..
It eats ant..
When she is dead..
Ant eats bird..

Circumstances and karma play it’s role well even if you are not noticing. So, be careful about what you are doing…