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Life is like a song without a lyrics,

We are just dancing on it’s beats.

Song itself is a poetry,

Sang with a beautiful voice,

In every new novice.

Let the eyes grow dim,

And don’t let yourself whim.

If you can’t keep up with it,

Compose your own song.

And let yourself dance on it.

Share your favorite song in comment section, I would love to listen them 😅

It’s been days since I posted 😅
Actually my exams were going on 🙂
That’s why I was unable to post and read lovely posts written by my lovely friends.

I will surely read them now and share my views 😉

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Simplicity is virtue,

Enjoy whatever you do.

It is key of all elegance,

Hold yourself with perserverance.

Everyone is virtueous,

Even without pennies one can be righteous.

Have empathy for others,

Seek happiness and learn forgiveness.

Learn to care,

Even if world seems unfair.

Embellish your soul with simplicity,

Which is soul of efficiency.

Make your life sublime,

By foot steps on sands of time.


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I just came one step near,
To keep it like water,
My Dream is like a flower,
That I need to water.

My fragile thread of hope,
Became true,
When I held stethoscope,
And all my stress flew.

It just took some nights,
With lots of twist and turns,
Pressing myself a little bit,
I only know what my heart yearns.

I finally entered medical university,
To fulfill my life long dream,
I believe in my ability,
I love that I chose this stream.

I wish to see myself treating patient,
My hand filled with blood,
And become successful with every patient,
With a broad smile on their faces.

I am just a step near to my dream,
One day I’ll say trust me I am your doctor,
I’ll try that all my dreams shall not just remain a dream,
So that I can prolong my happiness forever.