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Thanks to those watchful eyes
Who always kept an eye on me
To make me better
Reminding me and letting me smile

Thanks to those who feel like home
I hope the time
We spent on being in gratitude
Become our hymn hope.

Let our hearts be full of both, thanks and giving.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thanks a million to all my readers I completed 100 posts today..

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You will sow, 
Whatever you reap.
You will have to bow,
To have a leap.

Take responsibility,
If you are wrong.
Don't feel humility,
You have to be strong.

Life is boomerang,
Everything will return.
Be careful where you bang,
Because you never know how will it turn.

Layers of karma,
Will always stick to you.
And will served by karma,
It doesn't matter what you do.

Time plays biggest role in giving back whatever our deeds are.

When a bird is alive..
It eats ant..
When she is dead..
Ant eats bird..

Circumstances and karma play it’s role well even if you are not noticing. So, be careful about what you are doing…

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Getting towards sleepless nights,
And struggling with all fights.

Some time alone,
Till feeling drowned.

Waiting some magic to occur,
Which can make heart flutter.

Doubting whole night,
And crying with a fright.

Craving for a warm hug,
To remove a bug.

Staring out from Windows,
Cuddling with pillows.

Playing peek-a-boo with darkness,
Facing all the sparseness.

May there a hope begets,
And my sleep resets.

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Eyes are the window to the soul.

I truly believe that person’s emotions and sometimes thoughts can be observed just by looking into his or her eyes.

The world can see us, 
Whether we are happy or fighting with fuss.

With windows we have on our face,
And can observe our pace.

They are window to our soul,
Which is not in our control.

No matter how hard you try to hide,
Your eyes are can show what's buried inside.

It will always be in your eyes,
Your secrets as well as lies.

So never try to hide the emotion,
Make it as your notion.
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In psychology, a mood is an affective state. In contrast to emotions or feelings, moods are less specific, less intense and less likely to be provoked or instantiated by a particular stimulus or event. Moods are typically described as having either a positive or negative valence. Continuous change in mood is known as mood swings.

The only swings I hate most,
That are mood swings,
It's nothing to boast,
That I am unable to understand where my heart flings.

My hormones playing today,
Bringing ambivalence,
Without leading any way,
Demanding urgent vigilance.

Sometimes unthinking,
Sometimes overthinking
Sometimes negative,
Sometimes positive.

Creates tides in heart,
With brimming eyes
Or playing with heart,
With smiling eyes.

Struggling the world inside,
Searching for gleams,
Present inside,
And trying to build up my dreams.

The day I will come to know,
How to control the hell of confusing swing,
Continuously moving to and fro,
Will be the best thing.
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Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination

Hello, I was nominated for SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD by MAY. Please accept my deep thankful wishes for nominating me for this wonderful chain of nominations. She is wonderful writer, Please do check out her work.


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 new bloggers to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog.

My Questions

  • Describe yourself in three words.

Passion + confidence + writing

  • Who is your idol/inspiration?

My father is my idol and about inspiration I would love to mention my brothers and sisters.

  • Which is your favorite book?

I mostly read course book and if you you ask about other than course books I preferably read manga.

  • If you were stuck on an island, What are the three of your most important things you would want to have with you?

If I were stuck on island :- I would wish to call my family, thinking it’s my last time. + I would wish to eat one of my favorite dishes, as I am a foodie. + I wish some of my friends would be with me.

  • What would your life story be titled?

A tragedy

  • What’s a food that you absolutely cannot bear to eat?

Spicy food – Indians are known to eat spicy food, I am total opposite of it.

  • What’s been your most embarrassing moment?

Yawning in class 😅😅

  • Which place would you like to travel to?

Tokyo + Seoul + Bangkok + Taipei + Hong Kong + Shanghai

  • What is one of the silliest thought you’ve had?

I wish I can be dead some day.

  • Do you prefer pineapple on pizza?


  • How much does the earth weigh? Just kidding😂 What question would you ask me?

5.972 × 10^24 kg

Which genre of stories you like the most ?

My Questions

  1. If you close your eyes, what do you think you will be thinking about?
  2. Have u watched Avengers: End game? Do you think Thanos did right ?
  3. Best cartoon movie you like?
  4. Do you think you can be a published author?
  5. If you are given three pills; medicine of truth, health and money, which pill will you choose?
  6. Who is your favorite poet, and the poem because of which you like that poet’s work?
  7. What do you think about what is the best time for writing?
  8. What think consumes most of your time?
  9. Do you have any addiction? Do you think you should change it?
  10. If one day you get lost in jungle and there is a castle where you get everything you want but only thing you have to do is to never meet with your friends and family, will you enter?
  11. Which movie character can describe you ?


Shabd jaal

Angelic heavenly predictions








Ashok wahi Sir

And anyone who is interested can participate..

😊Thanks May once again to nominate for the award.😊

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The best kind of love is self love. If you learn to love yourself, The world be an amazing place to live in.

Every time I see myself in mirror,
I fell in love again,
Which is a thing to consider,
While not letting it go in vain.
Every time I see myself in mirror,
Carrying my chaos with grace,
Future becoming more clearer,
Myself moving at a wonderful pace.
Every time I see myself in mirror,
My problems are in the same dust,
I feel myself like a pillar,
Trying hard to work up a thrust.
Every time I see myself in mirror,
I find that I got the best soulmate,
Who is too nearer,
To make my heart palpitate.
Every time I see myself in mirror,
I promise myself,
That I will improve the person standing in the mirror,
and Make that person happy for herself.

Learn to love yourself.

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Do you know what’s the most painful thing? Loosing a friend, without actually knowing the reason why you lost them.

Path that a person takes to build a new relationship with a new person, and slowly getting attached to them, becoming close friends. It takes a lot of time, care, love, trust and unspoken bond to develop a friendly relation between those two people.

When we loose some close friend the pain get multiples to the love and care we had for that person. It takes years together to move on with that particular relationship. I am one of those who used to think Friendship is a pure relationship between two souls that vibe together. But at some point of life we have to come across a point where all these kind of filmy theories fail.

Now I became an elysian firefly,
Of starless sky.
A friend became a stranger,
Leaving me at the time of danger.
I will never forget the day,
But it was all a play.
When you treated me as an important person,
While planning a treason.
I hid my pain behind my smile,
It took a while.
I was wondering why I am fading, 
I realized it was you who was intoxicating.
You were a shoe that didn't fit,
And I believe it's time for me to quit.
There was a point where I cried,
Leaving me terrified.
Reason was I didn't know what to do,
I don't have any idea why I lost you.
You changed like seasons,
Without leaving behind a reason.
Our memories are very bitter sweet,
That my heart wants that we could never meet.
A part of me thinks that we could be back together again,
But I don't wish we could be friends again.
Thank you so much for the times we were together,
That made me somewhat better.
I will keep you in my heart,
But I wish let's just stay far apart.
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Pillow is the only thing that helps us to avoid the world and to hide our feeling to outside world.

The pillow on my bed,
Knows me better,
He knows how much tears I shed,
Even in small things that didn't matter. 

He knows about my tears,
And my stories,
Help me letting out my fears,
And my queries. 

There is no friend like him,
Who help me hide my feeling,
When odds are slim,
With proper concealing. 

He never complains,
Like others,
And takes away all my pains,
By always staying without any matters.

I hope you liked my poem.

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Anthropocentrism is philosophical point of view which states that considers Human beings the most valuable and important entity present in this earth or this universe.

“Anthro” – Human + “Centrism” – Centralized = Human centralized

It is one questionable point of view,
That says humans are supreme out of the blue.

Human kind is the highest purpose of existence,
People say this without any reminiscence.

Is it a myth?
That we are living with.

This makes me think hard,
Were we using Nature as our guard?

Ambivalence strikes here,
Can humans be supreme without nature here?

By god's grace humans have intelligence,
But they should use some common sense. 

It is one of the basics of perception,
Responsible for discontinuity between nature and humans.

Question here arises,
Why can't numan and non-human live without compromises?

This narcissism will lead to destruction,
So build a bond with compassion.

Between nature and you,
Try and understand what animals went through.

We are children of our mother earth,
Change yourself positively who has worth.

Being proud of our abilities is good but thinking you are supreme power on this earth, Is mere foolishness. Whenever humans cause disturbance in nature. Nature every time make him believe that he is supreme. If you disturb flora and fauna thinking “HUMANS ARE SUPREME”. Then be ready for the revenge the nature takes.

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Patting is a gentle touch with hand. It is a kind of touch which sends a positive vibe to the one whose the patting is done. It develops feeling of trust and care between both individuals.

A way that connected my heart with my head,
It was like someone weaving a thread. 

Just by patting on my head,
To make me understand what you said. 

I still remember it from that time,
Your words seemed to be a perfect rhyme. 

I looked up to you,
And what you said was true. 

That I am still a child by heart,
And should try my best from the very start. 

The day your hand find me,
It was something only you could see. 

It was like unspoken language,
That only heart could manage. 

I wish you will stroke my hair,
To shower me with your tender care.

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It is a genuine phenomenon

Smile and world will smile with you.

People who make us smile
When the life becomes hostile. 

Are they close to our heart?
Oh god! There is no doubt. 

They are close,
It's what your heart knows. 

They make us smile,
Which will suit us for a while. 

They very well know,
They are always with us whatever life throw. 

They reduce the distance between hearts,
Doesn't matter if they are miles apart. 

They make our life worth living,
We should thank them just like Thanksgiving.

It feels great to have those kind of people who make us smile and laugh. Even there names are enough to bring a wide smile on our face, then imagine that about how much we can be happy after being with them.

One should treasure these kind of people who always stand by us no matter what happens and never fails to make us smile in hard times.

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5th of September. In India it is celebrated as TEACHER’S DAY

You are the light that paves the way,
And don't let us sway.

You painted my mind,
And gave me knowledge that is undefined.

You made learning interesting,
I am proud of myself for trusting.

You are the best preacher,
That is your best feature.

You are my teacher, 
Who helped me build my future.

There are no words that can tell,
For the work you do so well.

Thank you teacher, You are an inspiration,
For giving lessons and motivation.

International teacher’s day is celebrated on 5th October.

Ты свет, который прокладывает путь,
И не позволяй нам колебаться.

Ты нарисовал мой разум,
И дал мне неопределенное знание.

Вы сделали обучение интересным,
я горжусь собой за то, что доверяю.

Ты лучший проповедник,
это твоя лучшая черта.

Ты мой учитель,
который помог мне построить мое будущее.

Нет слов, которые могли бы сказать,
За работу ты так хорошо справляешься.

Спасибо, учитель, Ты вдохновляешь,
За уроки и мотивацию.

I have translated it in Russian as well. { Hope it doesn’t have a mistake}

Happy Teacher’s Day to all the teachers.

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TEACHER’S DAY { शिक्षक दिवस }

5th of September – In India it is celebrated as TEACHER’S DAY

In India there is quotation famous:-

गुरू गोविन्द दोऊ खड़े, काके लागूं पांय।
बलिहारी गुरू आपने गोविन्द दियो बताय।।

अर्थात् गुरु और गोविंद {भगवान} दोनों खड़े हों तो हमें किसको प्रणाम करना चाहिए, गुरु को अथवा गोविंद को ,ऐसी स्थिति में गुरु के चरणों में प्रणाम करना चाहिए, क्योंकि गुरु ने ही हमें गोविंद को पाने का रास्ता दिखाया है।

It means – If your teacher and god itself standing in front of you, Whom will you bow first??

In this situation one should bow down and respect to his teacher because he was the one who paved the way to encounter god.

International teacher’s day is celebrated on 5th October.

Happy Teacher’s Day to all the teachers.

When I used to be in school, It was one of the most special days I eagerly waited for in schooldays, Because we don’t have to study on this day. We prepared gifts and surprises for our beloved teachers on this day.

Share your interesting incident of Teacher’s day you came across during your school time.

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Can I get a hug?
That will feel like a drug.

Whenever I am feeling down.
Never let me frown.

Can I get a hug?
Whenever I get a feeling to unplug.

A hug that was more than any worth,
I still remember the warmth.

Of the last hug we had,
Grewing apart from you felt so bad.

Can you wrap your hands?
That may feel like a magic wand.

Showering your love and care,
And telling me that you will always be there.

Sending my virtual hugs to all my readers and friends..

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As the night grew darker,
Rain fell harder.

As the rain started drenching,
The thirst of barren land started quenching.

My life seems to grow in pain,
Everything seems to be in vain.

The thunder frightens me,
And nobody cares for thee.

Raindrops get drizzled,
And the lightning is dazzled.

When looking through the window,
It reminds me of the fear that I have to swallow.

Hope this rain,
Let the pain drain.

And ends with a beautiful sunrise,
Making me wise.


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India is a large nation known for its uniqueness.

India was known as “Sone Ki Chidiya”.

This work contains about all the struggle that our lovely country faced during its struggle for independence.

About how the spark of patriotism led to Independence.

Right from the beginning of revolt or mutiny of 1857.  Which started the formation of different parties who will lead the movements like Indian national Congress and Muslim League. How different movements like  Anti-Partition Movement, Swadeshi or Boycott Movement, Home Rule Movement, Rowlatt Act, Champaran Satyagrah, Khilafat Movement, Non-Cooperation Movement, Civil Disobedience Movement which step by step lead to Independence.

But with Independence people of India have to face bitter truth of Partition.

Lord Mountbatten, the last Viceroy, was asked by the Indian leaders to continue as the Governor General of India. Jawaharlal Nehru took office as the Prime Minister of India on 15th August, and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel became the Home Minister. Meanwhile, Muhammad Ali Jinnah became the Governor-General of Pakistan, and Liaquat Ali Khan became the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

It’s been 75 years my lovely country became independent.

Saare Jahaan se achha HINDUSTAN hamara
A sweet poem written by my brother on the occasion of Independence Day

P.S – Today is Independence day of my another favorite country South Korea.

Happy Independence Day

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A book that says thousands of words. Is like a teacher who teaches us how to choose our path when life throws different challenges on us.

A book that gives a way,
To a wonderful world,
So that we don't sway,
When new dreams are swirled.

Going through the curled pages,
Like becoming my unchosen friend,
Telling how to pass stages,
Look how well they recommend.

Opening like a magic box,
With lots of treasures,
Which feels like a new mystery unlocks,
But surely holds pleasures.

Books are the soul of the one,
Who is lonesome,
Will always be there for you,
Like a lovely friend nearby.
Today is Book lovers day 😊
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You walked in garden of my heart,

I still remember,

Where we first met,

And I still wonder.

In withered forest of my heart,

You were like blooming flower.

Still it feels like our connection fades away.

Somewhere in my heart it’s too hard to allow you to go far.

I’ll try my best to stay close to you,

But honestly I never felt distant with you.

You will always be my one,

Who is my support and fun.

Never worry,

Life may seems blurry.

We will together climb the cloud nine,

Make sure that each other is fine.

On first Sunday of August is celebrated as International friendship day.


It’s just that we met online but it still feel that we have deep connection in our hearts, It’s great to have you all by my side in my small journey of this Blogging..

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Life is like a song without a lyrics,

We are just dancing on it’s beats.

Song itself is a poetry,

Sang with a beautiful voice,

In every new novice.

Let the eyes grow dim,

And don’t let yourself whim.

If you can’t keep up with it,

Compose your own song.

And let yourself dance on it.

Share your favorite song in comment section, I would love to listen them 😅

It’s been days since I posted 😅
Actually my exams were going on 🙂
That’s why I was unable to post and read lovely posts written by my lovely friends.

I will surely read them now and share my views 😉

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Simplicity is virtue,

Enjoy whatever you do.

It is key of all elegance,

Hold yourself with perserverance.

Everyone is virtueous,

Even without pennies one can be righteous.

Have empathy for others,

Seek happiness and learn forgiveness.

Learn to care,

Even if world seems unfair.

Embellish your soul with simplicity,

Which is soul of efficiency.

Make your life sublime,

By foot steps on sands of time.


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I just came one step near,
To keep it like water,
My Dream is like a flower,
That I need to water.

My fragile thread of hope,
Became true,
When I held stethoscope,
And all my stress flew.

It just took some nights,
With lots of twist and turns,
Pressing myself a little bit,
I only know what my heart yearns.

I finally entered medical university,
To fulfill my life long dream,
I believe in my ability,
I love that I chose this stream.

I wish to see myself treating patient,
My hand filled with blood,
And become successful with every patient,
With a broad smile on their faces.

I am just a step near to my dream,
One day I’ll say trust me I am your doctor,
I’ll try that all my dreams shall not just remain a dream,
So that I can prolong my happiness forever.


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I just wanna know who will cry,
When I will cry.

I just wanna know who will cry,
With me my heart out and pry.

I just wanna know who will cry,
And never deny.

I just wanna know who will cry,
When I will sigh.

I just wanna know who will cry,
And wipe my tears when I cry.

I just wanna know who will cry,
And will stay with me until my eyes get dry.

I just wanna know who will cry,
When I will say goodbye.

I just wanna know who will cry,
When I will cry.

I just wanna know who will cry,
For me when I will die.

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A SHADOW [ एक साया ]

Fathers play a huge role in one’s life. They put their children’s needs before theirs, but they also guide them at every step. For fathers and their selfless love the third Sunday in the month of June is specially celebrated as Father’s Day every year. But I think every day is father’s day.

एक साया

एक साया है जिसे हमने मुश्किल से पाया है,

एक साया है जिसने हमें अपना बनाया है,

एक साया है जिसकी छाँव में हमने अपना पूरा जीवन बिताया है,

एक साया है जिसने हमें जीना सिखाया है,

एक साया है जिसने हमें चलना सिखाया है,

एक साया है जिसने हमें इस दुनिया से मिलाया है,

एक साया है जिसे हमने नसीब से पाया है,

एक साया है जिसने कदम-कदम पे हमारा साथ निभाया है,

उस साये के चरणों में मैंने अपना सर झुकाया है,

उस साये को हमने अपने पिता के रूप में पाया है।

A shadow

A shadow that made me his,
A shadow with whose shade I spent my whole life,
A shadow that taught me skills of life,
A shadow that taught me how to walk,
A shadow that introduced me to this world,
A shadow that was hard to find,
A shadow with whom I am tight bound,
A shadow that I received with loads of luck,
A shadow that supported me, 
A shadow that was always there for me,
I would like to express my gratitude for that lovely shadow,
I bow my head to that shadow,
That shadow is our one and only beloved father.

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers.

Drawing credit to – APOORVA SHARMA

P.S. :- To be honest it’s my 3rd poem on Father 😅

Because I think These mere poems can never describe my love for him..

If you want to check it out other poems :-

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Wanna go back to the time,

We had lots of time.

It’s getting on my nerves,

How hard life serves.

Those memories gives me bruises,

It will never bloom again,

Seems like life would be full of pain.

Feeling like crying,

A little bit feeling of dying.

It will never erase the scars,

And never cools the inner wars.

Just need someone to be there,

When I need him to be here.

Just need a shoulder to lean on,

So that I will move on.

I just wanna go back to the time,

When we had lots of time.