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Can I get a hug?
That will feel like a drug.

Whenever I am feeling down.
Never let me frown.

Can I get a hug?
Whenever I get a feeling to unplug.

A hug that was more than any worth,
I still remember the warmth.

Of the last hug we had,
Grewing apart from you felt so bad.

Can you wrap your hands?
That may feel like a magic wand.

Showering your love and care,
And telling me that you will always be there.

Sending my virtual hugs to all my readers and friends..

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As the night grew darker,
Rain fell harder.

As the rain started drenching,
The thirst of barren land started quenching.

My life seems to grow in pain,
Everything seems to be in vain.

The thunder frightens me,
And nobody cares for thee.

Raindrops get drizzled,
And the lightning is dazzled.

When looking through the window,
It reminds me of the fear that I have to swallow.

Hope this rain,
Let the pain drain.

And ends with a beautiful sunrise,
Making me wise.


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India is a large nation known for its uniqueness.

India was known as “Sone Ki Chidiya”.

This work contains about all the struggle that our lovely country faced during its struggle for independence.

About how the spark of patriotism led to Independence.

Right from the beginning of revolt or mutiny of 1857.  Which started the formation of different parties who will lead the movements like Indian national Congress and Muslim League. How different movements like  Anti-Partition Movement, Swadeshi or Boycott Movement, Home Rule Movement, Rowlatt Act, Champaran Satyagrah, Khilafat Movement, Non-Cooperation Movement, Civil Disobedience Movement which step by step lead to Independence.

But with Independence people of India have to face bitter truth of Partition.

Lord Mountbatten, the last Viceroy, was asked by the Indian leaders to continue as the Governor General of India. Jawaharlal Nehru took office as the Prime Minister of India on 15th August, and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel became the Home Minister. Meanwhile, Muhammad Ali Jinnah became the Governor-General of Pakistan, and Liaquat Ali Khan became the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

It’s been 75 years my lovely country became independent.

Saare Jahaan se achha HINDUSTAN hamara
A sweet poem written by my brother on the occasion of Independence Day

P.S – Today is Independence day of my another favorite country South Korea.

Happy Independence Day

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A book that says thousands of words. Is like a teacher who teaches us how to choose our path when life throws different challenges on us.

A book that gives a way,
To a wonderful world,
So that we don't sway,
When new dreams are swirled.

Going through the curled pages,
Like becoming my unchosen friend,
Telling how to pass stages,
Look how well they recommend.

Opening like a magic box,
With lots of treasures,
Which feels like a new mystery unlocks,
But surely holds pleasures.

Books are the soul of the one,
Who is lonesome,
Will always be there for you,
Like a lovely friend nearby.
Today is Book lovers day 😊
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Heather Locklear is one of the biggest names in Hollywood today. The screen siren made her name in iconic TV shows such as Dynasty and Melrose Place, and continues to be a legacy of classic TV legend. Heather Locklear was born on September 25, 1961, in Los Angeles, California.

When she was on road to superstardom,

She bought a new fandom.

Rise to fame,

She became a popular name.

Who was born to be a star,

And had a vast career so far.

She is a sweet heart,

Who is also smart.

She played in Dynasty and Melrose place,

With style and grace.

She reached to stellar level of fame,

Was far away from mind game.

Her looks cast a spell,

Who is worth a legends tell.

She is no doubt bombshell pop star,

Who won her life’s every war.

P.S. :- This post was asked by my lovely friend from Blogger’s World 😊 Yernasia Quorelios 

He is an awesome blogger whom I have come across with. He tells about Relationships on his blog. He supports new budding bloggers by re-blogging their content so that they can get new exposure. You must check his blog here 👉

Actually he asked me to write about one of his favorite actress and it’s been several days.

Sorry my dear friend for late reply I was busy with my examination schedule. Hope you will like it.

If any of you also want me to write about your favorite celebrity drop a comment, I will surely try to write about them.

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You walked in garden of my heart,

I still remember,

Where we first met,

And I still wonder.

In withered forest of my heart,

You were like blooming flower.

Still it feels like our connection fades away.

Somewhere in my heart it’s too hard to allow you to go far.

I’ll try my best to stay close to you,

But honestly I never felt distant with you.

You will always be my one,

Who is my support and fun.

Never worry,

Life may seems blurry.

We will together climb the cloud nine,

Make sure that each other is fine.

On first Sunday of August is celebrated as International friendship day.


It’s just that we met online but it still feel that we have deep connection in our hearts, It’s great to have you all by my side in my small journey of this Blogging..