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A graceful soul,

Who doesn’t make any foul.

Decorates my life,

Taught me how to thrive.

He is an elegant advisor,

And a good father.

He may be a dried flower,

But even than his fragrance is like a new born flower.

He is one of my moods,

And I am a part of him.

He is my happiness,

In every hardness.

He is the root of the plant that I belong to.

He reinforced my wings,

Towards life’s greatest things.

I am blessed to have him.


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Have you ever liked someone,

That your only wish from god is that,

You got that much guts to stop liking that person.

You need to be brave,

It’s a love that breaks you apart.

Gives you lots of disappointment,

It’s like a fantasy,

A dream of longing for someone.

Who doesn’t loves you back,

This pierces through the heart.

It’s like loving someone,

Who doesn’t loves you back.

Who is actually near you,

But too much far away from you.

It feels like a prison,

When that person’s thought comes to your mind,

Even if you give your all,

It is not sufficient at all.

So the only way is gather your guts and confess to that person, So that even if you get rejected you will never have any kind of anguish that you were some kind of loser.

If that person rejects you be brave and respect his or her feelings and MOVE ON…


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When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives mean the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand. The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares. 

Anyone’s capable of feeling sad about what’s already gone. But whether you’re going to make that sadness into something regretful or make it into a wonderful memory is entirely up to you.

Life convinced me that the person you love is made to be sacrificed. Its not the requirement that every time you will get what you want and even at the right time. You know what I recommend people who are stuck due to someone who’s worthy should patiently stay. I mention worthy as they are the ones needed to be waited for. People, my friends went through heavy and stupid breakups and also got over them like no flaw had ever stopped them. There are nothing called couple goals as every story turns out to be beautiful, unique and wanting to be heard by you, you who are now stuck crawling over that same person who attacked your esteem and etiquette. Get over dear, wait for a silver lining.

Celebrate your uniqueness because you are one of your kind.


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You light up my days,

In many ways.

You stood by me,

When I needed someone.

You believed me,

When I doubted myself.

My life is easy around you.

Thanking you for staying,

Thanking you for always caring.

Friendship is something that everyone is proud of, but I would be lying if I say, I don’t envy it, secretly and I know, each one of us has a person whom we share the deep friendship that we share.

In this world where people have different definitions of a best friend, I dearly hope that when I get to see you again, I wish we share the same bond till the very end of time.

Our friendship is the most precious thing that ever happened to me. We met and instantly we became friends. We never had same choices, but you were a real blessing and yes our hatred for the same people was a different level of satisfaction. We shared our best moments from being the bench partners to being the ultimate pranksters.

It is said that “sometimes we miss the memories and not the person” maybe that’s true because I am holding onto the moments we spent together as friends but we can’t be together again. I hope we never become strangers, with a bag full of memories.

I just hope wherever you would be and whoever you’re with I wish that you are just enjoying your life and not being a dumb head as you were.


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Ohana means family nobady lefts behind.

Family is all about sharing and caring,

Hugging and squeezing.

Occasionally fighting.

And often delighting.

It’s all about relying and crying,

A little bit of lying.

Best thing that is for free,

That makes us time flee.

With them we grow,

And we glow.

Its the group that makes our home,

Who never leave us alone.


Actually a family makes soul of any person, Teaches us how to socialise with different kinds of people. And stands beside us in grief and happiness.



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Sometimes we are dull,

Sometimes we are full.

Sometimes we need someone,

Sometimes we need to be alone.

Sometimes we are broke,

Sometimes we have hope.

Sometimes we doom,

Sometime we bloom.

Sometimes we are loosing something,

Sometimes we are missing something.

Sometimes we are cheery,

Sometimes we are gloomy.

Sometimes we learn,

Sometimes we earn.

Sometimes we are insecure,

Sometimes we are mature.

All these sometimes,

We have only ourselves to go through.

So never take any one as a support.

So always try to improve your self.


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On 14 Jan in India we celebrate Makar Sankranti. Its festival of kites.

It is the day we see different colours of the sky,

Which teaches to fly high.

If happiness had a colour,

It would be like kite’s color.

Sun shining over the head,

And kites flying with a long thread.

Chasing another one,

Beating the other one.

With sparkle in eyes,

To reach our goals which are high.

As the kite face every blow of wind,

We should also rise without a whine.

When the sun lights up the way,

Make a smile that you made your day.

Up in the air,

Even if the sky glare.

Rise in the adversity,

Grow in every difficulty.

By witnessing the sun’s shining,

Counting the random thoughts that were shimmering.

Hope as the kites fly through different height,

We should also try hard to get through every situation.



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Do you all believe in love at first sight,
I do believe in that.

I love my mom from the day I opened my eyes.
She made my heart have butterflies.

We love our mom,
Since the day we were born.

If moon could smile,
Even for a while.

It will resemble her,
But still no one can match her.

She is a magic,
Helps in every tragic.

When life hits with stones,
She illuminate life with radiance of her own.

She has unique sparkle,
Holds everything like a miracle.

She is rhythm of my life,
And greatest gift of life.

She is like little warm hope,
She melts troubles like snow.

She is my first love from the very start,
Who always embraced my heart.

I genuinely thank angels from above,
Who gave me unending love.

I am thankful that she is my mother,
Who leaves deep prints on heart forever.