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My 11:11 Wish

A Wish is when we hope for somethingAnd you are that wishWhich God fulfilled meticulously.I am so happy miracle happenedAnd Guess what I collided with an angel from heaven.You are bond worthy of stories,An undeniable connection embedded in stars,A friendship that heals the scars,Unleash my unexpressed feelings.And is a flower to comfort my soulCame to […]


Today is my day dear,But I am the lucky one here. My soul is impressed by innocence,I just came here by coincidence. You all became a star full of hope,And gave my life a wonderful scope. I am glad I got you,Maybe this is out of the blue. You know what it’s like,There is not […]

It’s about your eyes

Screw poetry It’s about your eyes Can’t count how many mystery it holds And how many story it solds? I want to crawl in your arms To feel the warmth I can write thousands of poetries For your starry eyes.

I am scared….

I am scared of attachments, I am scared of my insecurities, I am scared of everything around, The darkness of night shows me eroded stares which are fading away as the sun comes up. Flowers are making me bleed. I am struggling to pen down you in a poem. I have to live because I […]


And damn scariest thing happenedEvery thing ended with snap of fingerLeaving sadness in my eyesCrying with the overwhelming thoughts of usHoping that there might be space for usGuess what I am recovering from human attachment. Getting yourself out from human attachment is too hard. I guess it takes time.. TANKA :-  It is a genre of classical Japanese […]


You were the cutest person Oh silly me Every time I forgot I haven’t confessed Not to blame you This confusion riddles me alot Whether it is like you don’t care Or I am the one who don’t dare You are kind of peace, That I always wished for. People say feelings are visitors. Then […]

To my Human diary

Dear Diary, Best friends are like fairy tales they are since once upon a time and will be there until forever after. No one is as real as you whenever I need the most. They are like human diaries for us to enter each and every activity we do in a day. I don’t need […]


A person with whom you can share our deepest thoughts, feelings and dreams:- soul friend Met as stranger now attached Will you stay by my side If I let go of your hand In dark night it’s you who shines Like sunshine wrapped in the softest storm Stay with me until the stars leave. Life […]


I couldn’t forget the night when you made me cry,I couldn’t even breathe.You reminded me of autumn,Made me feel that I was a fallen leaf.I don’t know why I am stressing over one,Who doesn’t even ask me how I am?I will shoot for the sky with my sorrows,Whenever I get reminded of you.If I could […]


A part of me still loves you,There are only few.Who entered my little lifeless world,Leaving it unfurled.You were like last dream of previous night,Making me fight.With every shutting doors,Of heart which want to be yours.My heart is engaged in despair,But we should have kept it fair.I wished that we meet by chance,And say hello with […]

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