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No one is out there, Who doesn’t know about corona’s affair. It is named COVID, None of the diseases destroyed humans like he did. I believe earth is teaching how to control, When human’s greed becomes out of control. It taught how to care for others, But stay away from each others. That’s the only […]


Do you believe in online friendships? I believe in it. They are those whom we talk in social media chats, They are one of those for whom we are grateul for, Those we never met, But there warmth is felt deep inside heart, That is just one click away, I hope we will meet some […]


Never look back, At what gives you heart ache. Never look back, If it stops you from healing. Never look back to those scars, That turned your life in a chaos. Never look back to the dark clouds, When you are busy aiming moons and stars. Never look back to past flames, Which sometime result […]


Whenever I close my eyes, I miss you, I feel they whisper about you, Pain grows as the darkness of night grows, It is just that I have to learn how to live with holes, Silence at the night and me gossiped about you, I was missing you out of blue, Stars felt like fairies, […]


Life is a canvas, Color it as much as you want, Splash your life with color of happiness, And with some bitterness, Learning with each different color, Paint life with bold strokes, Color it the way, That it lasts till the last day. In India a beautiful festival is celebrated named HOLI which is festival […]


Some leave scars, Some leave stars. Some gives as pain, Some leaves in vain. Some are too close, Some are too far. Some are heroes, Some are zeroes. Some are lazy, Some are crazy. Some are friends, Some are foes. We have to meet different people having different point of view in our journey of […]


Who talk to you about you, Who talk to you about your broken heart, Who can push you towards happiness, Who choose to mend your heart, Who walk with you till the last mile, Who embrace you when you are feeling down, Who can guide you about lives, Who can bring your spark back to […]


Our relationship whittled down, I utterly miss our time together, I lost someone who I loved, It’s like washed out footprints It’s like one of the unfinished stories I can’t get hold of myself When I get a thought of you My intellect slips away Wish we were strangers Our memories begin, It’s been awhile, […]


If there is a dream, Deep inside your heart. Don’t ignore it, Or you will regret it. Don’t bury it inside, Shape your mind, With endless possibilities Chase it with belief, Hold it hard, Other wise life will become, A plane without a pilot. It’ll never be late to realise, What you want, Make them […]


Loosing my self in a crowd, Crying my heart out. Sobbing on the pillow. Life is like a beautiful lie, As the time flies. A lie is an untrue statement with intent to deceive, Either it’s to achieve or to perceive. Life is like a fantasy world, With ready to explode mind. We can turn […]

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