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A SHADOW [ एक साया ]

Fathers play a huge role in one’s life. They put their children’s needs before theirs, but they also guide them at every step. For fathers and their selfless love the third Sunday in the month of June is specially celebrated as Father’s Day every year. But I think every day is father’s day. एक साया A […]


People say one wastes their time watching the drama or serials or web series. But if we start learning something from them it becomes useful. I am great fan of KOREAN drama. They truly are fantastic. My first drama was BOYS OVER FLOWERS [ ACTOR- Lee Min Ho ] After that I started watching them […]


BTS is one of the most popular band { Boy band } across the world. BTS is also known as Bangtan Boys or Bangtan Sonydeon which is seven membered South Korean boy band that began it’s formation in 2010 and debuted in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment. Kim Nam-Joon Kim Nam-Joon ( born September 12, […]


Wanna go back to the time, We had lots of time. It’s getting on my nerves, How hard life serves. Those memories gives me bruises, It will never bloom again, Seems like life would be full of pain. Feeling like crying, A little bit feeling of dying. It will never erase the scars, And never […]


Nature is plants that grow so tall,Nature is animals whether it’s big or small. Nature is gentle breeze,Nature’s beauty never fails to seize. Our mother earth is changing,Constantly rearranging. Nature’s beauty can’t match up,We should remember that we don’t have back up. What we are feared is true,It must be because of actions we do. […]


Doctors are front line workers. Not only during this pandemic, With arrival of new disease they work hard so that their patient can recover as soon as possible. But still People are so ungrateful that they disrespect them. Crime and assaults against doctors in India are increasing day by day. The doctor-population ratio in India is 1:1456 against the WHO […]


Smile is one of the most beautiful features of lovely face that is used to express a pleased, kind, or amused facial expression, typically with the corners of the mouth turned up and the front teeth exposed. Though some people don’t get the actual meaning of this lovely word. Age we grow up this word […]


Glows like sun, Together we have lots of fun. My strongest ladder, Who we grew up together. Glows like the moon, Shows up like a boon. Light up my way, The one who will never betray. No matter where I go, Whatever I do. You will always be my brother, Will share life’s journey together. […]


This poem is specially dedicated to those who lost their loved ones in this dreadful pandemic.. It’s like unfinished stories,That you left,Leaving me with lots of worries,Which I couldn’t bear to heft.  I can’t get hold of myself sway,When I get a thought of you,My intellect slips away,Every time it remembers you.  It always remembers […]


Fear in my eyes, Knocking me down, Decided to let you go. Guess whom? I started writing because, No one was there to listen, But It’s okay…. Myself half blown, Loosing myself in a crowd, Crying my heart out loud. Sobbing on the pillow. With which I seemed like a willow. Chaos inside, I put […]

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