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Thanks to those watchful eyesWho always kept an eye on meTo make me better Reminding me and letting me smile Thanks to those who feel like home I hope the time We spent on being in gratitudeBecome our hymn hope. Let our hearts be full of both, thanks and giving. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Thanks a million […]


You will sow, Whatever you reap.You will have to bow,To have a leap. Take responsibility,If you are wrong.Don’t feel humility,You have to be strong. Life is boomerang,Everything will return.Be careful where you bang,Because you never know how will it turn. Layers of karma,Will always stick to you.And will served by karma,It doesn’t matter what you […]


Getting towards sleepless nights, And struggling with all fights. Some time alone,Till feeling drowned. Waiting some magic to occur,Which can make heart flutter. Doubting whole night, And crying with a fright. Craving for a warm hug,To remove a bug. Staring out from Windows,Cuddling with pillows. Playing peek-a-boo with darkness,Facing all the sparseness. May there a […]


Eyes are the window to the soul. I truly believe that person’s emotions and sometimes thoughts can be observed just by looking into his or her eyes. The world can see us, Whether we are happy or fighting with fuss. With windows we have on our face,And can observe our pace. They are window to […]

I am sorry for..

I am sorry for making silly mistakes. I wish I hadn’t done them when I had still time to correct everything and make up for everything. Please forgive me for all the nuisance I created. I am sorry that I wasn’t able to fix everything and messed up. I am sorry I never meant to […]


In psychology, a mood is an affective state. In contrast to emotions or feelings, moods are less specific, less intense and less likely to be provoked or instantiated by a particular stimulus or event. Moods are typically described as having either a positive or negative valence. Continuous change in mood is known as mood swings. […]

Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination

Hello, I was nominated for SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD by MAY. Please accept my deep thankful wishes for nominating me for this wonderful chain of nominations. She is wonderful writer, Please do check out her work. RULES Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog. Answer the 11 questions sent by the […]

Single Line Story Challenge

First of all I would like to thank – May { Her Blog – The boring introverted girl } For nominating me for this wonderful chain of challenge ” Single Line Story Challenge “. I am highly honored with the nomination. She says that she is just an ordinary girl, But I believe that she […]


The best kind of love is self love. If you learn to love yourself, The world be an amazing place to live in. Every time I see myself in mirror,I fell in love again,Which is a thing to consider,While not letting it go in vain. Every time I see myself in mirror,Carrying my chaos with […]


Today is 13th of October. My Blog’s Anniversary. Or we can say it’s my blog’s Birthday. Exactly one year ago, on this day I hit the button “Publish” for the first time! This one year time period was learning phase for me.  It’s been a fantastic year and a great learning experience. Over the course […]

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