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Everything has music,If you have heart to hear,Surrounding playing acoustics,If you have guts to bear. Listen to the chords and rhythms,Of heart’s beat,It’s just playing to keep something hidden,And to avoid something to repeat. It may bring healing,Spilling magic of melody,Or might bring trembling feeling,Which needs therapy. Music touches the soul,It’s a way to free […]


Every time it observes youMy eyes have shimmering hue. It is a souvenir of our togetherness,It is a blissful happiness. Perhaps there is nothing much left… It is just that whenever I dream about you,With a new point of view. By just inhabiting in some moments of your life,Even if our destiny deny. I would […]


It’s a state when, You don’t know how you feel It’s about something  Whether happy or sad,  Sane or insane thoughts. It’s unable to contain ones emotion when in this situation, One is unable to get what to do or what not to do. Hope none of my reader faces this…


Counting them as blessing itself increase the worth of the word. She plays a different roles, They are like lights, That bright up our lives. With hazel glow, In deep edges of our delicate hearts, They very well know how to water the garden of heart, So that one can become exquisite flower. When you […]


Have you ever cried alone? Felt like everything drowning in cyclone. Eyes and heart filled up to the brim, I don’t think you would prim. Worse cry is when can’t show tears, Due to some fears. But the fun fact is that we cry in front of those, Whom we are too close. Because we […]


Good bye always sucks,But every hello inevitably leads to good bye. Worst feeling is to bid farewell to those people who gave us so many memories to treasure. Ambivalence filled in my heart,Making my heart drop dead. Something’s on the way,That will help me to sway. Guys goodbyes are not forever,It can be better than […]

I wish you….

I wish you luck and happiness. I wish that I had a magic wand so that I could fulfill all your wishes. Though I know everyone’s life is full of struggle, it’s just that we have to try hard every time we come across something terrible. Remember I would wish that I would be the […]


To the new uncertainities waiting for us, another year to fill up with memories. Becoming grateful for new beginnings, Busy creating our own vibe. Promising ourselves to never give up, By leading the lights there way, Shining glides in sway. When the mind spins a wheel, Being ourselves is a real deal. Focussed on improving, […]


She was just a stranger, Now she is a flower, That blossoms, In deep downs of my heart. One of million stars,She is one of those superstars. That gives me smile,Even if she is away miles. She has got pair of hands,Who work like wands. Her words go straight to heart,And do there best part. […]


Thanks to those watchful eyesWho always kept an eye on meTo make me better Reminding me and letting me smile Thanks to those who feel like home I hope the time We spent on being in gratitudeBecome our hymn hope. Let our hearts be full of both, thanks and giving. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Thanks a million […]

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