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It is a genuine phenomenon Smile and world will smile with you. People who make us smile When the life becomes hostile. Are they close to our heart? Oh god! There is no doubt. They are close, It’s what your heart knows. They make us smile, Which will suit us for a while. They very […]


A picture says 1000 words You must have heard this line. No doubt it’s correct. But I believe that a single word can also express thousand feelings. Have ever observed that single word can stir thousands of feelings and make our heart and mind to work unusually. Words are friends and foe They have power […]


Avenoir – The desire that memory could flow backward. It is a human nature to crave for the thing that they already lost, when they had a chance they didn’t took care. I may be a little weirdWaiting calmly for everything to fall apartA little desire for memoriesThat they flowback to the place they startedAnd […]


5th of September. In India it is celebrated as TEACHER’S DAY You are the light that paves the way,And don’t let us sway.You painted my mind,And gave me knowledge that is undefined.You made learning interesting,I am proud of myself for trusting.You are the best preacher,That is your best feature.You are my teacher, Who helped me build […]

TEACHER’S DAY { शिक्षक दिवस }

5th of September – In India it is celebrated as TEACHER’S DAY In India there is quotation famous:- गुरू गोविन्द दोऊ खड़े, काके लागूं पांय।बलिहारी गुरू आपने गोविन्द दियो बताय।। अर्थात् गुरु और गोविंद {भगवान} दोनों खड़े हों तो हमें किसको प्रणाम करना चाहिए, गुरु को अथवा गोविंद को ,ऐसी स्थिति में गुरु के चरणों […]


Thanks a million to my readers who always read my posts. I can’t even explain how glad I am to reach this point. Specially my WORDPRESS FAMILY you all were like angels who always support me by giving awesome comments which keeps me motivated all the time. I want to express my gratitude. From past […]


Can I get a hug? That will feel like a drug. Whenever I am feeling down. Never let me frown. Can I get a hug? Whenever I get a feeling to unplug. A hug that was more than any worth, I still remember the warmth. Of the last hug we had, Grewing apart from you […]


As the night grew darker,Rain fell harder.As the rain started drenching,The thirst of barren land started quenching.My life seems to grow in pain,Everything seems to be in vain.The thunder frightens me,And nobody cares for thee.Raindrops get drizzled,And the lightning is dazzled.When looking through the window,It reminds me of the fear that I have to swallow.Hope […]


India is a large nation known for its uniqueness. India was known as “Sone Ki Chidiya”. This work contains about all the struggle that our lovely country faced during its struggle for independence. About how the spark of patriotism led to Independence. Right from the beginning of revolt or mutiny of 1857.  Which started the […]


A book that says thousands of words. Is like a teacher who teaches us how to choose our path when life throws different challenges on us. A book that gives a way, To a wonderful world, So that we don’t sway, When new dreams are swirled. Going through the curled pages, Like becoming my unchosen […]

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