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I just wanna know who will cry,
When I will cry.

I just wanna know who will cry,
With me my heart out and pry.

I just wanna know who will cry,
And never deny.

I just wanna know who will cry,
When I will sigh.

I just wanna know who will cry,
And wipe my tears when I cry.

I just wanna know who will cry,
And will stay with me until my eyes get dry.

I just wanna know who will cry,
When I will say goodbye.

I just wanna know who will cry,
When I will cry.

I just wanna know who will cry,
For me when I will die.

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Life is a complex loom,

Through which we should try to bloom.

By breaking the boundaries,

And undertaking the responsibilities.

Vibrating so high,

That you will never sigh.

Try hard,

And treat life as a reward.

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A SHADOW [ एक साया ]

Fathers play a huge role in one’s life. They put their children’s needs before theirs, but they also guide them at every step. For fathers and their selfless love the third Sunday in the month of June is specially celebrated as Father’s Day every year. But I think every day is father’s day.

एक साया

एक साया है जिसे हमने मुश्किल से पाया है,

एक साया है जिसने हमें अपना बनाया है,

एक साया है जिसकी छाँव में हमने अपना पूरा जीवन बिताया है,

एक साया है जिसने हमें जीना सिखाया है,

एक साया है जिसने हमें चलना सिखाया है,

एक साया है जिसने हमें इस दुनिया से मिलाया है,

एक साया है जिसे हमने नसीब से पाया है,

एक साया है जिसने कदम-कदम पे हमारा साथ निभाया है,

उस साये के चरणों में मैंने अपना सर झुकाया है,

उस साये को हमने अपने पिता के रूप में पाया है।

A shadow

A shadow that made me his,
A shadow with whose shade I spent my whole life,
A shadow that taught me skills of life,
A shadow that taught me how to walk,
A shadow that introduced me to this world,
A shadow that was hard to find,
A shadow with whom I am tight bound,
A shadow that I received with loads of luck,
A shadow that supported me, 
A shadow that was always there for me,
I would like to express my gratitude for that lovely shadow,
I bow my head to that shadow,
That shadow is our one and only beloved father.

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers.

Drawing credit to – APOORVA SHARMA

P.S. :- To be honest it’s my 3rd poem on Father 😅

Because I think These mere poems can never describe my love for him..

If you want to check it out other poems :-

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People say one wastes their time watching the drama or serials or web series. But if we start learning something from them it becomes useful. I am great fan of KOREAN drama. They truly are fantastic. My first drama was BOYS OVER FLOWERS [ ACTOR- Lee Min Ho ] After that I started watching them and slowly they became part of my life.

Addiction is usually dangerous 😜
But if we take message from them and learn to use them we can be an amazing or ideal person in real life …
As I use some quotes to cheer up myself 😉

I am quoting beautiful messages from one of my favorite dramas.


BOYS OVER FLOWERS – An apology can never solve everything. Love doesn’t ask you to discard your pride, It’s about protecting someone. Love doesn’t always work out the way you planned. It takes courage to get what you want. Between love and friendship one should balance both. If you can’t stop something, then at least support it.

Boys over flowers – Story revolving around 4 chaebol heir bullying a girl from weaker section and later becoming best friends.

DOOM AT YOUR SERVICE – Misfortunes are like unwelcome guests, They show up out of the blue, and we really never have any clue. If we want to gain something we must loose something. One should not always act strong. One should care about what oneself want rather than what others want.

Hospital playlist – A medical drama that includes the lives of 5 best friends working in a hospital, and surrounding plots of the nurses and doctors working with them.

HOSPITAL PLAYLIST – If the doctor gives up on the patient. He isn’t a doctor anymore. Doctors must take responsibility for their words, because their words decides life. Time is key. Time is the solution to some problems. If you can’t find a solution now no matter how hard you rack your brain, just avoid the problem for now. If you avoid the problem for as long as possible, things could change with time.

TAIL OF NINE TAILED – The world is cruel those who can’t even scream when bitten. If someone bites you, you should bite them back. We’re supposed to live in shadows of the people we can rely on. If the path stinks, you should put flowers along the way. We exist to repay people for their kindness. Having a kind heart is the key to healthy relationship.

ITAWEON CLASS – One must stick to their beliefs. You don’t need to be anyone’s side but your own. Life can be hard but in order to survive you must become stronger.

Hotel del Luna – Story revolves around a hotel made for ghosts. To complete their wishes and go to after life.

HOTEL DEL LUNA – Always do your best. The deity will take the rest. You’ll need to make a bigger decision, to let go than to hold on. You have to pay for everything you do.

VINCENZO – Your best source of protection isn’t a gun or a sword. It’s your brain. A chance is reserved for only those who are worthy of using it.

It’s okay to not be okay – Story is an emotional healing opens up for an antisocial children’s book author and an employee in a psychiatric hospital.

IT’S OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY – Being selfish isn’t always a bad thing. If you want people around you happy then you must find your own happiness first. Your rationality can never win against your desires. When we are overwhelmed with too much of desires that’s when our downfall starts.

GOBLIN – Every life is touched by a deity at least once. Just when you are drifting away from the world, if someone nudges you back in the right direction, that’d be when the deity chooses to visit you. Every human dies at some point, that’s why life is even more beautiful.

HWARANG – Water embraces all of creation and revives dead seeds. It makes itself humble and flows to where it is low. Thus, because water does not try to become strong, it is good. There is no such thing like first path, someone has to walk on it to become a path.

Descendants of the sun – It is a story of soldier and a doctor who fell in love.

DESECNDENTS OF THE SUN – Never give up just because you don’t know what to do. Love compels us to do things for each other. We must not feel embarrassed just because the person we love knows that we love them.

CRASH LANDING ON YOU – The world isn’t a flower field. You shouldn’t be good to people who beat you up. The scary thing about distance is you don’t know whether they will miss you or forget you. Fortune and misfortune are like twisted rope, so they come by turns.

THE KING – Your fate is determined by the choices you make, but there are times when fate chooses you. When it’s fate, there are no coincidences. It is inevitable by nature, but when you realize the meaning, It’s always too late.

MOON LOVERS : SCARLET HEART RYEO – Life is like a dream. Right and wrong. Love and hate. They all get buried with the passing of time and leave quietly with no trace. Nobody in this world has an easy life. It’s just that we don’t see what others are facing. When your heart is hurting, your other ailments start to hurt more.

Moon lovers: Scarlet heart ryeo – It tells the story of a girl who is transported back in time to the Goryeo Dynasty. She then wakes up in the body of another Lady and finds herself amongst the ruling Princes. She ends up becoming romantically involved with some of the princes and finds herself entangled in a web of politics and the prince’s fight for the throne.

TRUE BEAUTY – You decide your own worth. If you are confident, no one can touch you. No one is born ugly, it’s just that we live in a judgmental society.

FIGHT FOR MY WAY – What you like to do and what you can do are different. Whoever figures that out, first succeeds in their field. Every storm in life comes when you have your guard down. So never let your guard down in front of anyone.


LE COUP DE FOUDRE – We don’t know what the future looks like, but the future is just lying ahead. Every step towards it is uncertain and difficult. But still we have to do our best. No one knows how to be strong as soon as they’re born. Strength comes after crying over and over again. We are forced by life to grow up.

GO AHEAD – When we were kids we wanted to grow up so badly. But once we grew up, childhood seems so good. It really doesn’t matter if you are related by blood or flesh, you can be family with someone if you feel the same compassion you feel with family.

Go Ahead – It is story of 3 children who has dysfunctional family. They support each other at the time of each other and develop a sibling bond.

THE BRIGHTEST STAR IN THE SKY – The more simply you live, the better you will be. What you are having right now might be gone in the next moment. So, prepare yourself for every tragedy of life.

MY GIRLFRIEND IS AN ALIEN – Parallel lines do not cross, but hearts that have crossed will never be apart.

FIND YOURSELF – Age really doesn’t matter if you truly love each other. No matter how careful you are with your life, you will still have regrets.

SKATE INTO LOVE – Dreams never shine, what shine are the ones who are chasing them. Process of fighting is more enjoyable then becoming the champion.

WELL INTENDED LOVE – Human relationship are built upon memories. If memories are gone the relationships will fade away too. But even if we lose past memories, we still can create new memories.

The Untamed – It is a story of a child who come back to life from death to fix the order of the broken world he left behind.

THE UNTAMED – When you look at someone you cannot deem their qualities by looking what is right and what is wrong or black and white. What Matters the most is what is in their heart. Rebellion is as much of a cage as a obedience is. If in this world of there is single person who trust you, then you will never be alone.

When your brain and heart are saying two different things, your heart is right. Just follow your heart, then you won’t regret it. Isn’t it great that we do what our mind wants ?

It’s not that I only watch Korean dramas. I also watch Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Thai dramas as well.

You should also give them a try 🤩🤣😉

P.S. :- This post was asked by my lovely friend from Blogger’s World 😊 Nandika Bansal

She is an awesome blogger. Who is huge fan of K- Dramas like me. She has a strong personality with ambivert nature. She loves dancing, skipping, cycling and writing. I must say she is a happy go lucky personality with a kind heart. And her work is too good. You must check her blog here 👉

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BTS is one of the most popular band { Boy band } across the world.


BTS is also known as Bangtan Boys or Bangtan Sonydeon which is seven membered South Korean boy band that began it’s formation in 2010 and debuted in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment.

Kim Nam-Joon

RM { Rap Monster } or Joon

Kim Nam-Joon ( born September 12, 1994), better known as RM (formerly Rap Monster), is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He is the main rapper and leader of the South Korean boy group BTS.

Park Ji-min


Jimin (born October 13, 1995) is a South Korean singer. He is a vocalist and dancer and member of the boy group BTS.

Kim Seok-Jin 


Jin was born in South Korea on December 4, 1992. He is a South Korean singer, songwriter. However, he is usually praised due to his otherworldly appearance.

Min Yoon-Gi


Suga (also known as Agust D, born on March 9, 1993) is a South Korean rapper, composer, and producer. He is a lead rapper and member of the South Korean boy group BTS.

Jung Ho-Seok

J-Hope { Hobi }

J-Hope (born on February 18, 1994) is a South Korean rapper. He is the rapper, main dancer and member of the boy group BTS.

Jeon Jung-kook


Jeon Jungkook (born on september 1, 1997) is also known by his stage name Jungkook or Golden Maknae (due to his exceptional number of talents). He is the youngest member of South-Korean Kpop group BTS. He serves as the group’s main vocalist, lead dancer, and sub rapper.

Kim Tae-Hyung

Tae or V

V was born December 30, 1995 in South Korea. He is singer, songwriter, and actor. He is a vocalist of the BTS. V coined the phrase “I purple you” during BTS’ fan meeting in November 2016. 

13 June is BTS Debut Anniversary.

Today is BTS [ Boy band’s ] birthday. 8th Debut anniversary.

Their fan base name is :- BTS Army

I just wanted to dedicate a small poem for them:-

BTS are the K pop idols,
With loads of fancy titles.

They are angels of my la la land,
The World's most awesome boy band.

Fangirling over them,
Makes me yield to them.

I wanna be like them,
And wanna follow them.

It's what keeps me going,
No matter what life is throwing.

Like Rap Mon, Jin, Suga, J-hope,
Who is filled with hope,

Jungkook, Jimin and V,
Because without them, there's no me.

They are one of their kind,
They sing what's in their mind.

Listening to their songs,
I wonder from which part of heaven they belongs.

Even their smile is lyrical,
Seems that their face is just a miracle.

Their intoxicating smiles,
Gives me unimaginable chills.

They glistened with the toil,
They knew how to recoil.

No Matter how many people hate,
They have turned their fate.

Rubbishing what others said,
They gracefully walked ahead.

They always cherished rainbows,
While traversing through life's lows.

Every time I see them I freak out,
They surely belong to their fans without any doubt.

Having them is like happy pill,
Which makes my world stand still.

BTS Army will always be your shield,
This is the power of love for them that's how they revealed.

They flutter the heart with the blink of an eye,
That's what armies can never deny.

It is just a dream to meet them,
Appears like eternity was made for them.

They are like dreams appeared,
They surely have a long way to go.

They are limitless like blazing sun,
Wishing their life remains full of fun.

BTS has completed their 8 years today, going through all the ups and downs, working so hard, they always managed to give everyone a reason for never giving up. To be honest I rarely listen songs, But if you say new song released by BTS I really couldn’t resist myself from listening their music. I am baby BTS army😅, I am fan of their hard work, how they worked hard to become World’s most popular band..

I would love to thanks all these 7 members from my poem for making our life lovely, lyrical, happy and cheerful. I will always support them no matter what happens.

💜 I purple you 💜

I really loved their new MV [ BUTTER ] with which they break several records in music world.

These are believed to be the BTS members based characters.

P.S. :- This post was asked by my lovely friend from Blogger’s World 😊 Poorwa Vishwakarma 

She is an awesome lifestyle blogger. Who is huge fan of BTS. I must say she has wonderful talent and is a happy go lucky personality with a kind heart. And her work is too good. You must check her blog here 👉

If any of you also want me to write about your favorite celebrity drop a comment, I will surely try to write about them.

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Wanna go back to the time,

We had lots of time.

It’s getting on my nerves,

How hard life serves.

Those memories gives me bruises,

It will never bloom again,

Seems like life would be full of pain.

Feeling like crying,

A little bit feeling of dying.

It will never erase the scars,

And never cools the inner wars.

Just need someone to be there,

When I need him to be here.

Just need a shoulder to lean on,

So that I will move on.

I just wanna go back to the time,

When we had lots of time.

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Nature is plants that grow so tall,
Nature is animals whether it’s big or small.

Nature is gentle breeze,
Nature’s beauty never fails to seize.

Our mother earth is changing,
Constantly rearranging.

Nature’s beauty can’t match up,
We should remember that we don’t have back up.

What we are feared is true,
It must be because of actions we do.

Wish that we stay with nature forever,
And hope that we learn to treasure.

Hope we will learn to nurture our lovely nature 😀

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Doctors are front line workers.

Not only during this pandemic, With arrival of new disease they work hard so that their patient can recover as soon as possible. But still People are so ungrateful that they disrespect them.

Crime and assaults against doctors in India are increasing day by day.

The doctor-population ratio in India is 1:1456 against the WHO recommendation of 1:1000. That means there is scarcity of Doctors in India.

Angels In Despair

Angels are in despair,
Disrespecting them is unfair.

Doctors are angels without wings,
They are unsung kings.

Those who are trained with art of healing,
But people never know the problems they are dealing.

Doctors sacrifice there personal life indeed,
When patients are in need.

They are soldiers without armour,
Plays role of saviour.

Yet these warriors are not safe,
We should Thank them at least.
They deserve respect and gratitude.

Doctors at risk

Recently I heard news of assault on Doctors:- Assam doctor assaulted by kin of deceased Covid patient and Karnataka Doctor assaulted by relative of patient who died. Though it is not new on every second or third day It’s in the news that So and So doctor, Surgeon was assaulted by patients relatives. No doubt Doctors are responsible for the good or bad health of patients but This doesn’t mean that family of patients gets right to assault a doctor.

People don’t even know the struggle behind their hard work. Commenting on others is easy, But those people who are cause of this chaos do they even know the years of hard work any medical student give:-

  • 2 years of Preparation for NEET exam [In School]
  • 4.5 years MBBS
  • 1 year Internship
  • 3 years Specialty
  • 3 years Super Specialty

All these years the student work hard so that he/she can see the himself in white coat with a stethoscope around neck. And when becomes doctor is always on 24/7 standby for their patients.

Is it really worth it ?

People treat them so badly. Have you ever heard that any doctor refuse to treat patients? Just because he is criminal or any heinous crime he committed. No, Never…

I believe people will only understand this is crime to assault and condemn a Person who tried his best to serve the patients when they themselves go through this. Or on patients bed where they are begging the doctor to save their lives..