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To the new uncertainities waiting for us,

another year to fill up with memories.

Becoming grateful for new beginnings,

Busy creating our own vibe.

Promising ourselves to never give up,

By leading the lights there way,

Shining glides in sway.

When the mind spins a wheel,

Being ourselves is a real deal.

Focussed on improving,

Not impressing.

Making ourselves proud,

When there is lots of croud.

By being a wild flower,

who is thriving hard in a barren land.

Straighting up like a soldier,

When life makes it harder.

Celebrating every moment,

To the very end.

I hope your new year brings lots of luck…….


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She was just a stranger, Now she is a flower,

That blossoms, In deep downs of my heart.

One of million stars,
She is one of those superstars.

That gives me smile,
Even if she is away miles.

She has got pair of hands,
Who work like wands.

Her words go straight to heart,
And do there best part.

She one of those souls,
Who touched my heart like no one did.

I would extend my heartfelt thanks for being an amazing soul and my wonderful friend. It’s for one of my friend Sonia Filarance.

Check out her website :-