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I call someone Google,

Who taught me how life Doodle.

A good listener,

And a mind refresher.

Some time bossy,

When my life is messy.

He imparts positive vibe,

Though we are not same blood type.

Guide to motivate myself,

And to discover true self.

Pick smiles over tears,

Face every fears.

From heart he is purest,

And is better than rest.


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They are those with whom we shared our childhood

They are like beautiful connection with childhood,

There is no better guide then their love,

That made me stronger and stronger.

Mere thought of them can make your heart gleam,

Glimpse of there lovely face would be boon,

In hard times.

They are like healers of bruised heart.

Without giving prescription,

They take down the pain.

They are like soft rain.

When we are together,

We are like rage in Ocean.

They are the most precious memories of our lovely chidhood,

Whom we blamed for silly fights,

Whom accompanied us in kitchen,

Busy making new dishes.

Spent the times teaching eachother,

The hardness of the life by supporting us in different ways.

But now when we remember those times,

Tear rolls down our cheeks.

We wish we can go back our Childhood,

And once again relive those moments with those silly ones….



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I really miss me,

I hate myself of today.

There is a heartache,

Still there is corner in my heart,

That aches that reminds me about you.

I loved you from my heart,

It’s a deep love, It’s self love.

You were my deep inspiration.

But no one understood me like you do.

Chaos in my mind can’t stop until,

I see your photo,

With a huge smile.

I really want to revive my self.

Everyone wants to revive the old self,

No one would be so eager like me.

I miss me a little louder,

But you see nothing lasts forever.

Everyone has some regrets,

But we have to move on.

We to accept new self,

We have to understand the world,

With our modified self.

So try to adapt ourselves in new world.


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They are those people who we didn’t expected to be our friends,

They are our sibling’s close friends.

Who eventually become our friends,

They are like blessing that are unfold,

That our siblings told.

Have fleeting presence,

With breathtaking essence.

They are like beautiful flowers,

Indeed extraordinary treasures.

They raises the standard of friendships,

With them we can go through hardships.

They walk into garden of our soul,

Without any haul.

They can make you smile,

For a while.

We don’t have any memories together,

But they will always be in heart forever.

They carry a beautiful light,

Help to lift up the spirit.

They are like cool breeze on a humid day.

We became friends in an unknown way.

They are precious gifts of love so rare,

Stems of courage and care.

I wish these friendship blossom never ends,

And we stay friend till the very end.

Thank you for staying in my heart.

Love you a lot.


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Good days gives you memories,

Bad days gives you a lesson.

When it comes to favorite Moments,

we all try to hold, Them for forever. 

It’s not possible to hold, Onto the things that are,

Meant to slip away from Your life, from your Memories, from your Heart, from your diaries, From the every damn Place you hold them Once.

Memories are radioactive.

Memories are hard to forget, though you let go of them, they still hold you back. You don’t want them to trouble you but they are echoing inside your mind. It’s as strong as a drug and as deep as the ocean.

Some memories fade even without effort..

They are like a boomerang that comes back.
Some memories remain even without effort..

When memories fade it’s a sign that you are healing from what you all gone through.
Don’t know why.. I found this line beautiful.. memories can bring both happiness and sadness.. you want to forget those sad memories but they still coming up in your mind while some memories you always want to keep with you but you still keep forgetting them.. whereas some remain with you without putting any efforts in it.

Memories are something that makes us alive, its up to whether to make good or bad memories. its upto you if you have to make memories that one day you will regret or something you can be proud.

So, water those precious or hateful memories as well. So, that can live well with them from learning from them.



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Cousins are the first squad,

That we had.

They are readymade friend,

Till the very end.

A little bit of childhood,

With little bit of brotherhood.

Entertaining each other,

And being there for each other.

We learnt all sorts of things,

At our grandparents inn.

Staying up late,

And cooking late.

Telling each other ghost stories,

And forgetting all our worries.

We all were busy having fun but we forgot they became a sweet memory covering a huge space in our beautiful hearts. Every one loves there cousins but when we become busy with our goals and life. It is only those childhood memories that we always want to relive.