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Life is like a song without a lyrics,

We are just dancing on it’s beats.

Song itself is a poetry,

Sang with a beautiful voice,

In every new novice.

Let the eyes grow dim,

And don’t let yourself whim.

If you can’t keep up with it,

Compose your own song.

And let yourself dance on it.

Share your favorite song in comment section, I would love to listen them 😅

It’s been days since I posted 😅
Actually my exams were going on 🙂
That’s why I was unable to post and read lovely posts written by my lovely friends.

I will surely read them now and share my views 😉


44 thoughts on “LIFE IS A SONG

  1. Wowwwww!! Aparna, I’m very happy to see your wonderful post..! Hope you are doing amazing..! Woww!! I loved this poem very much dear..! It’s fantastic and fabulous..! And my current favourite song is Go Go by BTS..!💜🤗💖

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  2. Splendid, amazing …… I still don’t know about my favourite song but this reminded me of a beautiful song “ज़िंदगी प्यार का गीत है, इसे हर दिल को गाना पड़ेगा ।। जिंदगी गम का सागर भी है, हस के उस पार जाना भी होगा ।। (Life is a song of love, every heart has to sing it. Life is also an ocean of sorrow, one has to go beyond laughter.)
    You always remind us of beautiful and wonderful things through your poems ❤️❤️

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