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Today is 13th of October. My Blog’s Anniversary. Or we can say it’s my blog’s Birthday. Exactly one year ago, on this day I hit the button β€œPublish” for the first time! This one year time period was learning phase for me.  It’s been a fantastic year and a great learning experience. Over the course of a year I have covered numerous subjects like inspirational and motivational quotes, poems and social stuff, with the goal of publishing something every week on average. I can’t explain in words how happy I am after completing a whole year with Word Press. First of all I would like to convey my deepest thanks to all those people who helped me stay motivated to continue writing. There were times when I came across when I went to hiatus, But still my readers helped me to came out of that.

My 1st year STATS :-

Stats for 1st Year
All time posts, comments, views and visitors

I thank all my readers a lot for entering my life like sunshine. I will forever be grateful for all your support throughout my good and bad times. If I start to thank you and would like to convey my feeling, all the alphabets will become insufficient to tell you how significant you all are in my life. You are those individuals who trusted me when I was feeling down and helped me get back to a successful point where I am today. Thanking you all million times wouldn’t be sufficient for your constant encouragement. I have always received your love and care, And you all cared for me is much more appreciated than you can imagine. Words can’t express my respect for you all and love for you, but I would love that you all accept my heartfelt thank you message.

Feedback Form that I designed for my readers :-

Please check it out πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ My Verselets Feed back Form


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Thanks a million to my readers who always read my posts. I can’t even explain how glad I am to reach this point.

Specially my WORDPRESS FAMILY you all were like angels who always support me by giving awesome comments which keeps me motivated all the time.


I want to express my gratitude. From past few days I was unable to post something.

But you all are there for keep me going.

Thanks for supporting 😊

I couldn’t have reached here without you.

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Life is a complex loom,

Through which we should try to bloom.

By breaking the boundaries,

And undertaking the responsibilities.

Vibrating so high,

That you will never sigh.

Try hard,

And treat life as a reward.

Thank you so much guys for always supporting me. Today I reached 201 WordPress followers. It’s only because of your immense support and kind response. Actually words are powerless and not enough to express my powerful gratitude.

201 WP followers + 71 E-Mail followers

Thanks again for all the visits that you paid on my site.

πŸ™πŸ» πŸ™πŸ» πŸ™πŸ» πŸ™πŸ»

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I started with a mess, But success takes time.

Though it is not that big but I am happy.
I will slowly achieve my dreams…

I thought it’s impossible to bare, To achieve something but you all were there to support me and guide me. πŸ˜‰πŸ€©

Thanks a million to all my followers…


Thanks to all my WordPress followers,

Who made me believe that world is small when our souls are connected. Words are not enough for me to show my gratitude to my WORDPRESS followers.

Views all over the world!

Thanks a lot to my dear friends who always supported me in this journey, Lots of love to those whom I dedicated my poems for πŸ˜‰πŸ€©πŸ€©

Words cannot describe my happiness because of it.

Why I chose poems ?

Poem can be truth and fiction as well,

They are the best method to express well.

It is kind of love language,

Which doesn’t need any age.

Who also believe that poetry is best way to convey the gratitude to someone?

Any suggestions for my next poem? I’ll try writing about it.

{ English, Sanskrit, Hindi, Russian }

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Being negative these days,

Is much better then in old days.

It’s good to down the drain,

So that your life go in vain.

I am not saying it,

To have negativity in mind.


I am saying that stay safe,

Stay positive,

Stay home 🏠

Thanks a million 😁 for your support….

53 Followers + 57 E-mail followers ….

It’s small achievement, I will try my best to improve my blog, and always will yearn for appreciation 😊