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You were the cutest person

Oh silly me

Every time I forgot

I haven’t confessed

Not to blame you

This confusion riddles me alot

Whether it is like you don’t care

Or I am the one who don’t dare

You are kind of peace,

That I always wished for.

People say feelings are visitors.

Then why my day starts with thought of you,

And night doesn’t passes until heart whisper about you.

You were kind of art,

That that was too hard.

Still I enjoy my unspoken love,

Every time my heart rips apart,

Every time it see you with someone.

Still it’s an untold love,

I can’t blame anyone.

Sometimes I love this feeling that is one sided,

But sometimes it is too harsh.

People say one sided love is pure love,

I always wanted to have.

Look my wish got fullfilled.

Every time I remember you.




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