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I am sorry for..

I am sorry for making silly mistakes. I wish I hadn’t done them when I had still time to correct everything and make up for everything. Please forgive me for all the nuisance I created. I am sorry that I wasn’t able to fix everything and messed up. I am sorry I never meant to hurt you and I hope you know that it is true. I just feel miserable when guilt takes over my heart, words and actions seem to be less when I think about what I did was wrong. I am starting to realize about all the foolish things I did, Moreover the fact is that I never had courage to rectify those mistakes. I know I can’t take back what I did but as much as I want is that I could turn back the time and correct it. With this my dear please accept. Since I know you are the best, I know you will accept my apologies and will forgive me. I hope you will understand me and give me a chance to rebuild your trust though it is hard to do, But still I will try my best.

Saying sorry doesn’t always mean that you were the one who committed the mistake, it shows that the relationship is far more important then anything.

Nobody is perfect in this world.

We should learn to apologize for the mistakes we make.


22 thoughts on “I am sorry for..

  1. Apologising is the best thing to do when you commit mistakes and in the process you show your commitment to not repeat the mistakes in the future! And that’s how good human beings are shaped for leading a very decent life in the society! Thanks for sharing such an important topic, Aparna πŸ™πŸΎ

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      1. Please accept kind welcome πŸ€—
        Good morning πŸŒ…
        I am not in India right now πŸ˜… but here is also morning so πŸŒ…
        Have a great day ahead 😊

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