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Today is 13th of October. My Blog’s Anniversary. Or we can say it’s my blog’s Birthday. Exactly one year ago, on this day I hit the button “Publish” for the first time! This one year time period was learning phase for me.  It’s been a fantastic year and a great learning experience. Over the course of a year I have covered numerous subjects like inspirational and motivational quotes, poems and social stuff, with the goal of publishing something every week on average. I can’t explain in words how happy I am after completing a whole year with Word Press. First of all I would like to convey my deepest thanks to all those people who helped me stay motivated to continue writing. There were times when I came across when I went to hiatus, But still my readers helped me to came out of that.

My 1st year STATS :-

Stats for 1st Year
All time posts, comments, views and visitors

I thank all my readers a lot for entering my life like sunshine. I will forever be grateful for all your support throughout my good and bad times. If I start to thank you and would like to convey my feeling, all the alphabets will become insufficient to tell you how significant you all are in my life. You are those individuals who trusted me when I was feeling down and helped me get back to a successful point where I am today. Thanking you all million times wouldn’t be sufficient for your constant encouragement. I have always received your love and care, And you all cared for me is much more appreciated than you can imagine. Words can’t express my respect for you all and love for you, but I would love that you all accept my heartfelt thank you message.

Feedback Form that I designed for my readers :-

Please check it out 👉👉 My Verselets Feed back Form


57 thoughts on “1st BIRTHDAY OF BLOG

  1. My heartiest congratulations on the first anniversary of your Blog. At the same time I express my immense happiness to go through your words that you have lined up showing us your great happiness and immense joy.
    I can understand the feelings in your heart because I got same feelings some days back.
    In this world of Blog we are connected with lot many readers (persons who are enjoying our contents and even guiding us) from whom we get confidence, support, encouragement and Love. For me this Blog has become a part of life. I had gone through mental sufferings, which I have overcome with Time and of course Guidance from the unseen source. That Source worked like miracles. I started receiving enormous love through different ways, from nature, from people, from scriptures, BOOKS, from media and from Inner voice at different point of time through out. I started believing that it is Almighty who is looking me, guiding me, loving me through His manifestations.

    The same thing has happened with you. Almighty GOD is loving you through His manifestations, even through your Blogs.

    I appreciate your work, your dedication, your thoughts and your passion towards your blog writing for coming with 90 Blogs and 325 followers, more than 11000 views, and more than 2000 comments and huge likes. Great achievements. I got inspired .
    Wish you a more joy on your greater achievements and great happenings with great events.

    With Best Wishes

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    1. Thanks a billion sir for adding happiness with such a wonderful comment 🤠

      I truly agree with you about the blogger friends we came across with this platform. Though we haven’t met, but the closeness of hearts are really felt when we have a talk. They truly are those who connect with us so well that we can’t describe it words.

      I would like to thank you once again for being one of those blogger friends 😉
      Who constantly be my support and continuously support me in ups and downs of my life. 😊
      Without your constant support it was somewhat impossible 😀

      Your blessings made my day 😃🌻🌻🙏🌻🌻😃

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      1. Aparna
        We are together here to share our thoughts, our knowledge and our love, affection, respect and all that which makes us happy.
        Together we can build a wonderful society of humanity 🤗
        We will obviously then overcome fear, sufferings and any other negative feelings.
        Keep on writing to make us more aware of Joy and peaceful life.
        Stay blessed always 👍😊🙏

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  2. Congratulations Aparna on your Happy Blogiversary! You have incredible blog stats which speak volumes of the zeal and efforts you have put in to follow your heart’s 💖passion in life! Keep flying & following your heart& you will reach your desired destination!God bless you!All the best😊

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    1. Thanks a lot sir for appreciating and wishing me luck 😀
      I am grateful for your kind words and wishes 😊
      It’s great to have your guidance 🙂🌻
      Have a wonderful day ahead 😊🤗

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    1. Thanks a billion for always supporting me 😍
      Sure my dear celebration is needed 😁
      I am so happy about completion of the year🌻
      I myself was not able to believe that I constantly worked and reached here 😅😁
      Without you it was somewhat impossible 🤩💖🌻😁😍

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      1. Oh my dear, you are always sending me such a beautiful and long comment..!

        I will never forget about this..! Yeah, give a treat..! And let’s dance..!😁💃💃🎉

        Yayyyy!!! I’m very happy for you..! You truly deserve it..! You’re such an unique and creative blogger..! I’m very grateful and blessed to know you..!

        Oh my sweetie, your words touched my heart deeply..! You’re a sweetheart..! A million thanks to you my dear Aparna..! Enjoy this my sweetie..! Have a colourful day..! 💕💕💕

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      2. It’s you my dear who puts a smile on my face by your comments 😁
        To be honest when you didn’t posted for some days I was restless 😅😅

        You are one of those best people who I came across in this year and have a deep impression on my heart 💖💕

        Sure I will give you treat 🤩
        Let’s say I will write a poem for you
        How about that ??

        I should be the one who should thank you for being a wonderful friend 😃

        Have a wonderful day my friend💖😍

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      3. Oh my sweetheart, I’m just flattered by your words..!😍

        You are truly an angel..! You are a princess..! You’re a sweetheart..! You’re a sweet candy..! You’re a CINDERELLA..! You’re a SWEETIE pie..!🌈🌈

        You are the one who adding more happiness to me..! And filling my day with your lovely words, beautiful butterflies and colours..!💕💕💕❣️

        Awww..! My sweetheart, don’t worry..! Now I’m back to make you happy and make you to feel special..!😉☺️

        Awww..! I’m blown away my dear..! Your lovely touched my heart deeply..! I will never forget you in my life my sweetie..!💜💜

        I will treasure your words in my heart forever..! You and your comments always have a special place..!💖💖

        Awww..! You made my day my sweetie pie..! Come on, let’s dance..!💃💃

        Omg!!! I’m truly SURPRISED to see this my sweetheart..! Yeah, of course you can write a poem for me..! I’m eagerly waiting to read it my dear Aparna..!💕💕💖

        I’m very honoured and grateful to you..! I feel very lucky and blessed to know you..!🤗🤗🦋

        I should say thank to God for giving me such a positive, supportive and unique friend to me..!🙇🏻‍♀️✨✨

        Awww..! You’re very welcome my sweetie..! I can totally feel how you are grateful for me..! You are such an incredible soul..!🎉💐💐

        Have a colourful and happy day my sweetie..!❣️❣️💖

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  3. Hahaha happy birthday to your blessed blog, budding with beauty and brillience 🙌🤗😍💕.

    I wish you contunued growth, lots of happiness; even more support, even more laughs and an even brighter future filled with exciting dreams, goals and accomplishments 🎊🎉🥳😂.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you very much my friend 🌹🤟😂. It is always a super blessing to be in your company and I am very very happy that you have made it to the first birthday of your precious blog 😍💙💓💯. Please continue to do what you love and I wish you a wondefful day as well haha

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