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Human greed,

It grows like weed.

It’s like evil.

Don’t let it sow it’s seed,

It will win, if you feed,

No one knows where it will lead,

Never let it exceed,

God gave us all that we need,

We should don’t pay heed,

Otherwise it may mislead,

Think before you proceed,

It will help you to get succeed,

And help you shine like bead.

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39 thoughts on “A WEED NAMED GREED

    1. Yes the word “I” can do anything
      Greed destroys our personality.
      But greed of knowledge can do anything..
      And if the word I takes over it will be a dooms day 😁


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    1. Thank you sir 😊
      For reading

      I also believe that suffering of individual depends on how much the person’s behaviour is towards others. And how much he feed his greed πŸ˜€

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