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Who talk to you about you,

Who talk to you about your broken heart,

Who can push you towards happiness,

Who choose to mend your heart,

Who walk with you till the last mile,

Who embrace you when you are feeling down,

Who can guide you about lives,

Who can bring your spark back to life,

Who can be you good listener,

Who can be rainbow in your darkest days,

Who can be sparkling star in a dusky night,

Who can be a flower in barren land of your heart,

Who can bring magic in your life,

Who can become a blessing in your life.

So, that you can always stay happy and cheerful…



8 thoughts on “LET ME BE THAT ONE

  1. Let me be that one is a powerful piece, not lacking in longing and so full of hope! That we all had that one in our lives and can be that one to others is captured beautifully in the accompanying mystical artwork.

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