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Our relationship whittled down,

I utterly miss our time together,

I lost someone who I loved,

It’s like washed out footprints

It’s like one of the unfinished stories

I can’t get hold of myself

When I get a thought of you

My intellect slips away

Wish we were strangers

Our memories begin,

It’s been awhile,

We met.

I don’t wanna look back,

It was like incomplete dream,

That came true.

But it’s okay. I guess…

I am ready to die everyday,

But afraid of walking away.

Now I restrict myself,

And shrink myself.

You left me as a shell of who I am.

Now I live for fullness.

And I am here, as I am, for a blink of a cosmic eye.

And I still wish you would become a rising sun

I wish we could meet at any intersection of our successful life.

Where we could at least smile at each other,

Without talking to each other…

And I wish you stay happy….



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