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They are those with whom we shared our childhood

They are like beautiful connection with childhood,

There is no better guide then their love,

That made me stronger and stronger.

Mere thought of them can make your heart gleam,

Glimpse of there lovely face would be boon,

In hard times.

They are like healers of bruised heart.

Without giving prescription,

They take down the pain.

They are like soft rain.

When we are together,

We are like rage in Ocean.

They are the most precious memories of our lovely chidhood,

Whom we blamed for silly fights,

Whom accompanied us in kitchen,

Busy making new dishes.

Spent the times teaching eachother,

The hardness of the life by supporting us in different ways.

But now when we remember those times,

Tear rolls down our cheeks.

We wish we can go back our Childhood,

And once again relive those moments with those silly ones….



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