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Cousins are the first squad,

That we had.

They are readymade friend,

Till the very end.

A little bit of childhood,

With little bit of brotherhood.

Entertaining each other,

And being there for each other.

We learnt all sorts of things,

At our grandparents inn.

Staying up late,

And cooking late.

Telling each other ghost stories,

And forgetting all our worries.

We all were busy having fun but we forgot they became a sweet memory covering a huge space in our beautiful hearts. Every one loves there cousins but when we become busy with our goals and life. It is only those childhood memories that we always want to relive.



10 thoughts on “COUSINS

  1. The best part was
    “”Staying up late and cooking late”
    Very good poem….
    Hope you get everything which you want from lifeπŸ₯³πŸ₯³….
    Stay happy have fun wear maskπŸ€—

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