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Do you know what is loneliness?

Have you ever got entangled between your thoughts.

Everyone get caught in their thoughts or imagination once in a while, it is some time interesting but some time hilarious to our mental health.

It can cause anxiety or depression, its somewhat dangerous. This feeling get accumulated inside you its so hard for you to get hold of yourself. It’s so hard for ourself to understand what our mind thinking, what our heart wants , or, what we want.

At this piece of time we need someone just listen what we wanna say , what we wanna cry out loud but our feelings doesn’t support us to speak that out .

It is a situation we need someone and we expect someone,

But guys that someone is only you…..

Loneliness can make us most powerful personality and help us to build up our ability and personality. This the only time when we need some one ,at that time we need to brush up ourselves to be a weapon.

Take a breath and realise it,

some flowers bloom at night.

When everyone is asleep.

Be that flower and spread,

your fragrance everywhere.

Fall in love with solitude,

listen to the silence of life.

Tell yourself it’s a small chapter,

You will never gonna give up.

Enjoy the smile and tear,

Face your every fear.

You are the biggest shareholder of you soul,

So get busy to create your life.

Rather than wasting time in some bad chapter of your beautiful , artistic life.

Enjoy your life to full bliss.




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